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March 11, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Debunking Day - This is a day that the MythBusters can really get into.  It’s a day to work to prove or disprove anything that you are told.  

World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Film - Created in 2010 by Javed Mohammed, this is a day to share and discuss Muslim culture and to use art and film to build bridges of understanding.

Middle Name Pride Day – This is a day to be proud of your middle name and tell everyone what it is. Some people don't particularly like their middle names and some people actually hate it and refuse to tell anyone what it is. But put aside those feelings today, find something in your middle name that you can be proud of and share it with everyone.  My middle name is Ann.  What’s yours?

World Plumbing Day - If it were not for the skills of the plumbers in our society, we would all still be using outhouses and bathing in creeks or big tubs in the kitchen filled with water heated over the stove.  That might be fun for a day or two, but not for long.  We take our indoor drinking water and sanitation for granted most of the time, but we should think about how unpleasant it would be to use an outhouse in the below zero temperatures that we typically experience in the winter, like they had to do for forever up to about a hundred years ago.  And when we do, we should call up some plumbers and thank them.

Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day – I love waffles but they are not too good for me, and gluten free ones are so expensive. So I don't eat them very often. But these look like they would be pretty delicious AND maybe even a little bit healthy. Give them a try.

Johnny Appleseed Day – Johnny Appleseed, that famous American nomad who wandered the country planting apple seeds and communing with the animals, is celebrated on this day by some because it is a good time for planting apple trees. Others prefer to celebrate on September 26th because that is Johnny's birthday and a good time for picking apples.

National Worship Of Tools Day – This is a day to either buy new tools, or get out the old ones,  make sure they are in working order and then fix something. Tools aren't any good if you just look at them, you need to use them.

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