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March 29, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Declaw Awareness Day - This is a day to raise awareness of the issue of declawing cats. Many places ban the practice because it is like amputating a part of the cat. They would like it to be illegal everywhere. If your cat is destroying your furniture, and you are thinking about declawing it, look into this issue before you make up your mind.

National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day – Cleanse your palate from yesterday's chocolate with this delectable lemon cake which I actually prefer over chocolate, as crazy as that sounds.

National Mom And Pop Business Owners Day – This day celebrates small business owners. This country was built by small businesses and although it looks like it has been taken over by the larger businesses, there is still a place for the little Mom and Pop stores especially if we all make it our mission to ensure they get enough business to stay in business.

Vietnam Veterans Day - On this day in 1973, the last of our troops left South Vietnam. Several states now celebrate this day every year to remember the men who fought so hard and came home to so much disdain. In the past, returning military were greeted with parades and festivals and admiration. Not so with the Vietnam Veterans, and they sacrificed just as much as any other war time military person. 

Smoke And Mirrors Day – This is a day for hiding things you do not want to be seen by using illusion and distraction just like Magicians do. Be very sneaky today. But don’t tell your kids about it ahead of time. Otherwise, they will be watching very carefully and it will be very difficult to fool them. Especially if they are jaded pre-teens.  

Knights Of Columbus Founders Day – On this day in 1882, Connecticut approved the charter of the first Knights Of Columbus. The Knights are dedicated to a variety of volunteer projects that help their communities all over the country.

Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day – On this day in 1848, people were shocked when Niagara Falls stopped flowing. The reason? Too much ice. I’m a little surprised it didn’t happen this year as well considering that it was the coldest, snowiest winter the Northeast has seen in quite a while.  But maybe it was was worse in 1848.  Back then, the ice in Lake Erie blocked the water at the start of the river leading to this great landmark for more than a day. People walked out onto the river bottom to pick up treasures that had been at the bottom of the river for years. In my opinion they were pretty darn lucky the water didn't suddenly come back while they were out there.

Texas Loves The Children Day – Every child needs to be loved, although to be loved by a whole state is a little different. Talk about pressure. Fortunately, Texas only loves the children today, the rest of the year it could care less.

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