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March 19, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Let’s Laugh Day - This is a day to let go of all the stress that has been building up in you and have a good laugh.  Laughter is a great way to relieve tensions.  Crying will do the same thing, but laughing is a lot more fun.

Maple Syrup Saturday - A little bit of heaven in a bottle, pure maple syrup is really nothing but sugar and tree sap from maples trees. Anything but pure will probably have additives, various coloring chemicals, preservatives and who knows what else.  This day is celebrated on the third  Saturday in March.

Worldwide Quilting Day - Celebrated on the third Saturday in March, this is a day for quilters to celebrate the quilting that they love to do.  You can probably find some celebratory activities or sales at your local quilting store. Consider introducing your children or grandchildren this craft so that the skills don’t become lost.

Certified Nurses Day - On this day we honor nurses all around the world who pursue national board certification in a multitude of medical specialties.  This certification ensures that they have the advanced skills that they need in order to help patients achieve the best outcome possible.  This is also a day to encourage all nurses to advance their skills and careers by choosing to pursue certification.

National Poultry Day – Poultry is not just chicken. It could be any domesticated bird raised for meat or eggs. Be creative today, try something you've never tried before like quail or pheasant.

Swallows Return To San Juan Capistrano Day – I don't know how these birds would know what day it is but apparently they were always on time and there has been a big festival every year to celebrate their return. The scout swallows would come first to make sure everything is ready for the party. However, for the last few years, apparently they haven’t come back.  Some speculate that the Great Stone Church where they had so many nests had some work done which caused many of the nests to be destroyed.  Since swallows typically return to the same nest year after year, this could have disrupted their routine.

Operation Iraqi Freedom Day – On this day in 2003, President George W. Bush got on the television and announced the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The mission was to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein and stop Iraq from being able to produce weapons of mass destruction.  It didn’t quite work out the way they expected, but ultimately the goal was reached.

National Chocolate Caramel Day – Ok, I admit it, I'm salivating right now. I love chocolate and caramel which is why I never have any of it around. But since today is a special day, I guess I just have to go out and get some.

International Sports Car Racing Day – This is a day where you will find car racing events all over the world. I couldn't find out much information about it.  All my searches just turned up a whole lot of information on races happening on this day which is always on the third Saturday in March.

National Corn Dog Day – Celebrated in March on the first Saturday of the NCAA Men's Div. Basketball Championship, this day was begun in 1992 by Brady Sahnow and Henry Otley, in order to celebrate the combination of corn dogs, basketball, tater tots and beer.

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