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March 28, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Dyngus Day – This is the Polish term for Easter Monday. Each country has a different way of celebrating. I was surprised to read that traditionally boys wake girls up by pouring water on their heads and hitting them on the legs with long, thin twigs or switches made from willow or birch tree branches. The website I reference here says the water is “sprinkled” and the legs are “tapped” but I think we all know what would really happen if you're talking about brothers and sisters. It says at the website below that ladies would retaliate by throwing dishes and crockery.  That seems like a rather violent custom to me but I don’t judge.  It also said that traditionally girls would then return the favor on Tuesday.  I don’t think I would bother to wait that long.

Easter Monday - The day after Easter is a holiday in some countries. It can be known as “Bright Monday” or “Renewal Monday”. In Australia, this is a public holiday with lots of people getting the day off from work. Egyptians celebrate it as a national holiday as opposed to a religious one.  And in Ireland, it is a day of remembrance of the people who died in the Easter Rising in 1916.

Eat An Eskimo Pie Day - This day is pretty self-explanatory.  I have no idea who created it or why….well I can figure out the why.  Clearly it is because the creator of the day loves Eskimo Pies.  I personally have never had one.  Anyone have a gluten free recipe I could try?

White House Easter Egg Roll – This has been going on for more than 130 years and this year is no exception. But don't plan on dropping by to participate, they have a lottery system in place to pick the people who will get to go.

National Hot Tub Day - Those of you lucky enough to have access to a hot tub really need to try to celebrate this day.  Have a nice long, soothing, relaxing soak for me, would you?

Children’s Picture Book Day - Kids love picture books.  My kids used to sit with a stack and just look at picture after picture.  We would read them together over and over again until they used to “read” them back to me.  I was amazed until I realized they had memorized the stories and weren’t actually reading the words.  But learning the words happened soon after and now they love to read.

Seward's Day – Always on the last Monday in March, this day celebrates the purchase of Alaska from Russia by Secretary of State William Henry Seward on March 30, 1867 for $7.2 million. Most people at the time thought that was a ridiculous thing to do and called it “Seward's Folly”. Mr. Seward suffered a great deal of criticism until they discovered gold in Alaska in 1897. Sadly, Mr. Seward died before that happened so he never knew the full extent of what he did for the United States.

National Black Forest Cake Day – Layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream and cherries. What could be more delicious? This cake can have a surprising number of calories, but I know that if you look carefully, you'll find a delicious low-cal recipe.

National Something On A Stick Day – Corn dogs and popsicles are not the only things that can be put on a stick and eaten. Kebobs are probably a little healthier, but you could take quite a few foods and put them on a stick so you don't need to use utensils today.

Barnum And Bailey Day – On this day in 1881, P.T. Barnum and James A. Bailey merged their circuses and created the “Greatest Show On Earth”. The Ringling Brothers purchased it in 1907 and in 1919 added their name to the title.

Weed Appreciation Day – Weeds are just not given enough credit. People are always pulling them up and throwing them aside but did you know that you can eat some weeds? Young dandelion greens are good in a salad, I hear. Even weeds serve a purpose in the circle of life.

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