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May 10, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Trust Your Intuition Day - We all have a feeling that we tend to call intuition or instinct.It’s a feeling that comes over us that tells us that something is good or bad. We frequently ignore this intuition and don’t trust that it is valid. But that is usually not a good idea. Many times our intuition could save us from bad things if we only listen to it. We don’t know why we have it, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s our intuition, or if we are just overreacting to something, which makes it hard to know what to do when we feel that way. But today is a day to practice trusting your intuition. The more you do, the more you will be able to.

National Shrimp Day - Shrimp is a popular shellfish in my household. All of my kids love them, even the ones who don’t really care for fish in general.

Sex Differences in Health Awareness Day - This is a day to remind the health care professionals that we depend on to make good decisions for each of us, of the simple fact that men and women are very different. That may seem very obvious, but the differences I am referring to are more than just the obvious physical ones. We are different in many other ways as well. We have very different symptoms that present themselves ahead of a heart attack, for example. Men and women have different odds of suffering from certain diseases such as osteoporosis and certain kinds of cancer. Our health care professionals need to be aware of these differences and ask the right questions of their patients in order to catch them in time.

National Small Business Day - Small businesses are the life blood of the thousands of communities that make up our great country. While big business is trying so hard to wipe out the competition that they represent, we cannot allow that to happen. Small businesses employ local people, pay local taxes, and money spent in small businesses will stay in your local community. Small businesses also can offer more options than big businesses because the owner is usually right on hand to make decisions to offer a different service, negotiate something, or solve a problem. With a big business, all too often you hear that they can’t do that.

Clean Up Your Room Day – This just might be my favorite day so far. Kids! Where are you? Have I got a day for you! Get the winter doldrums out of your room and get it ready for summer!

World Lupus Day – Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect any organ in the body. It is a disease for which there is, so far, no cure. Today is about spreading awareness of the disease so people can be diagnosed earlier, and raising funds for research so better treatments can be developed. Learn more about it today.

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