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May 7, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Brunch for Lunch Day - Today is a day that is celebrated the day before Mother’s Day and is a day to practice creating a perfect brunch meal for your mother for tomorrow. In other words, it’s a practice day. Find a wonderful brunch recipe and make it today so you can be sure you will be able to make it for Mom tomorrow and that it will taste good because Mom deserves the very best..

National Barrier Awareness Day - Proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, this is a day to acknowledge the fact that millions of people live their lives with some sort of barrier...and believe me, there are a whole lot of them that can affect any of us at some point in our lives for a short time, a long time, or even for the rest of our lives. Sometimes these barriers are physical disabilities but they don’t have to be. There are also financial and cultural barriers that can stop us from doing what we want to do when we want to do it. The successful people among us are the ones that find a way to overcome our barriers and don’t let them stop us from living our lives to the fullest.

National Cosmopolitan Day - An alcoholic beverage that generally uses vodka, lime and various juices such as cranberry. This day was created by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway who probably likes to drink them now and then. Otherwise, why bother making a special day for them?

Pilates Day - Celebrated on the first Saturday of May, today we work to spread awareness of Pilates as an affordable fitness method. I’ve done some Pilates exercises and let me tell you, they work. If you do them right, you feel just as sore afterward as you would using expensive exercise machines. And with Pilates, you don’t need to buy anything if you don’t want to.

Martin Z. Mollusk Day – Martin Z. Mollusk is a hermit crab who lives on Moorlyn Terrace Beach in Ocean City, NJ. Martin must be distantly related to Punxsutawney Phil because he can also predict the arrival of a new season. If he sees his shadow today, usually on the first Thursday in May but this year it’s a Saturday for reasons I couldn’t figure out, summer is going to come a week early in Ocean City. No shadow? Summer will begin on time. Be at 9th Street Beach at 11am to catch the festivities.

Herb Day - Celebrated on the first Saturday in May, this is an international day to celebrate herbs and herbal products. The goal is to learn about them, make them a part of your life and share your knowledge with others.

National Homebrew Day – I'm not sure if this is supposed to be celebrated today, the first Saturday in May, or on May 4th. I have found convincing evidence for both days. But what I am sure of is that it is a day for brewing your own beverages. Primarily beer, I am sure.

Free Comic Book Day – This is a great day for comic book lovers. On the first Saturday in May, participating comic books stores give away a free comic book to anyone who comes into their store. Check with your local comic book store to see if they participate.

National Scrapbooking Day – Begun in 1995 by Creative Memories and celebrated on the first Saturday in May, this is a day to work on all that scrapbooking that you've let pile up for the last few months or longer.

Childhood Stroke Awareness Day – Celebrated on the first Saturday in May, this is a day to highlight the dangers and warning signs of infant and child strokes. You don't generally think of people that age being in danger of having a stroke but it does happen and when it does, it is devastating.

Join Hands Day – Yet another day that is celebrated on the first Saturday in May, this one is a day that is about bringing together young people and adults to build trust and respect. This day was begun and is promoted by the American Fraternal Alliance.

Kentucky Derby - A famous horse race held on the first Saturday in May every year. It is a race of 2 kilometers for 3 year old Thoroughbreds and is considered to be the “Most Exciting two minutes in sports.” It has run every year since 1875. It is the first race of three needed in order to win the Triple Crown. A horse must win the Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes in order to win the Triple Crown. I don’t know much about it, but I would assume that this is not something that happens too often.

World Naked Gardening Day - Celebrated on the first Saturday in May, this day is just what it appears to be. It seems to have been created by nudists, but anyone who wants to is allowed to celebrate. If you are brave enough, then do your weeding, pruning and planting while you are naked. Although I can’t promise you won’t get a visit from the police.

National Tourism Day – The theme for this years’ National Tourism Week is “Travel ‘16’.” The blank spot is to encourage everyone to be creative in defining what effect tourism has on the lives of…..everyone. Since this is an event that is promoting tourism, the effects they talk about are all positive. You know the kind of thing I mean, quality time spent together, new experiences, adventure, etc. As a mother of three, I think about all of that, but I also think about the headaches, the entire family crammed into the same small hotel room every day for a week, the effort expended trying to convince the kids that museums can be fun too, and we didn't come all this way and spend all this money to stay in the hotel swimming pool all week long.

National Roast Leg Of Lamb Day – Another dinner dilemma solved today. If you need a recipe, try this one.

Mother Ocean Day – Celebrated every year on the day before Mother's Day, this is a day to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the ocean. A common way to celebrate is to cast rose petals into the ocean from the beach and watch them flow out.

National Babysitters Day – Also celebrated on the Saturday before Mother's Day, this is a day to appreciate the love and care the babysitters of the country give to our children. They free us up to get a break from child care and enjoy conversations that can be shared with other adults now and then. Those of you who don’t have kids yet may not understand just how important that is for a parent, but if you have kids someday, you will.

Birth Mother's Day – Yet another day that lands on Saturday before Mother's Day is a day to recognize birth mothers, without whom, many of us wouldn't have children. It can be a very difficult decision to put your child up for adoption, but if that is the best thing for your child, it's an act of great love to recognize it and be willing to do it. This day was created by a group of birth mothers in Seattle in 1990.

O. Henry Pun-Off Day – This is a yearly competition inspired by the writings of William Sydney Porter who lived in Austin, TX in the late 1800s and used the pen name O. Henry. He had a gift for wordplay that is loved to this day so in 1978, pun-offs began to be celebrated. In 1990, Gary Hallock, began organizing and running the competition which takes place at the O. Henry Museum in Austin, TX.

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