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May 2, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Baby Day - I love babies, they have the cutest chubby cheeks on their adorable little faces and they don’t even mind if you spend all day planting kisses on those cheeks. They do have a very bad habit of keeping their parents up at night, which is hard to take. But their very presence in your life is a miracle, so be thankful for that blessing, remember that they won’t be babies for very long, and for a little while at least, they generally take some pretty good naps so if you can, take your naps when they do and you’ll be in better shape to handle the night work.

National Fire Day - I couldn’t find much information about this day. So I’m not sure if we are to celebrate by working on preventing fire, or by making a fire. Maybe you could do both depending on where you live. If you live in an area that is dry, please do not try to make a fire. I think it could go badly for you and everyone around you very quickly. In your case, maybe you can take steps to prevent fire or to keep a fire from spreading to your house if one comes your way. If you are in an area that has plenty of moisture to spare, perhaps you could make a fire in a fireplace or make a campfire outside, being sure to follow all safety recommendations because even in your area, it is easy for a fire to get out of hand and be dangerous.

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day - Celebrated on Monday of the first full week in May, this is a day to recognize that important meetings and conventions wouldn’t happen without someone to plan them. I know that for many of us, meetings are the bane of our existence. We certainly have a lot of them. For some of us, going from one meeting to the next all day long, is the way we live day to day. That is probably a little too much. But some of those meetings are probably important so make sure you thank the person who planned them. Speaking of meetings, someone needs to plan a family meeting so we can figure out how to get Great Aunt Ginny to stop hanging her neon colored underwear in the bay window for the world to see.

Great Lakes Awareness Day - Also celebrated on the Monday of the first full week in May, today is a day to become aware of the natural phenomenon called the Great Lakes. Perhaps you are saying, aren’t all lakes great? And you would be right. All lakes are great for boating, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, etc. But perhaps you are not aware that some lakes are greater than others. We have, right in this country...near the top if you don’t have a map in front of you...5 bodies of water that are seriously Great Lakes. Now don’t get too excited, because we share four of them with Canada, so they are not all ours. These five are the greatest of the great lakes and I can even name them for you in order of biggest to smallest...not because I went to public school and memorized them, although I did, but because my children taught me how to use google, whereupon I realized that although I remembered all the names, I did not remember how big they are. So we have Lake Superior, aptly named since it is the biggest and therefore the most superior, although that is not the reason for the name; Lake Huron, do they have a lot of herons on Huron?; Lake Michigan, bet you can’t guess what state it resides in; Lake Erie, did you know there was an Erie tribe of Native Americans who lived there at one time?; and Lake Ontario, which means "beautiful lake" in the Iroquois language...I bet you didn’t know that. Did you also know that the Niagara Falls lie along the river connecting Lake Erie to Lake Ontario?

Brothers And Sisters Day - Last month we had National Sibling Day, but this is different. This is a day to celebrate your brothers and sisters by appreciating them. Wait, that’s not different? Well, it must be because it has a different name. If you don’t live with them any more, give them a call and tell them how much you love them. Maybe you can even visit them if that is not asking too much from you.

Take a Baby To Lunch Day - Born on this day in 1903, Dr. Benjamin Spock became the guru of baby care. He wrote books about how to take care of babies and mothers everywhere came to depend on his knowledge. So celebrate his life by taking your baby out to lunch in his honor.

Melanoma Monday – Celebrated on the first Monday in May, this day highlights the deadliest form of skin cancer there is. One American dies from melanoma every hour. However, if it is detected before it spreads, the five year survival rate is 98%. So we need to wear orange today to help spread awareness and work to teach people how to detect this devastating cancer as early as possible.

World Tuna Day - This day was created by the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA). It is a day to celebrate tuna and everyone who is involved in the fishing and conservation and management of the tuna population. They will announce the winners of their art and talent competition today, so hang onto your hats the excitement has only just begun! In the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, there was dancing, speeches, contests. So if you are lucky enough to be in the area...first, I’m jealous….second, check out the festivities.

International Scurvy Awareness Day - Now I know that all of you are thinking that scurvy was an illness that only sailors got way back when it took months to cross the ocean. While it was a big issue with those of the seafaring trade, it is still an issue today in many places. All you need is 30 mg of Vitamin C a day to keep it away, but there are a great many people in this world who don’t get that.

National Truffle Day - Do you have any truffle digging pigs handy? No? Well, then I guess you will have to get them from the store like the rest of us. Except me. I see no reason why I should spend a lot of money on a fungus that I’m not going to eat anyway. My husband and son, however, would devour them before I got them out of the shopping bag.

Roberts Rule Of Order Day – Roberts Rules of Order is a book of procedural rules for any organization that wishes to adopt them. It was written by Brig. Gen. Henry Martyn Robert (born on this day in 1837) and originally published in 1876. Its’ eleventh edition was published in 2011. Brig. Gen. Robert wrote the book after experiencing great frustration when he discovered that there was no uniformity in rules and procedures within an organization.  He was involved in several organizations and in each one he found that members of the same organization, located in different areas of the country, had conflicting views regarding what the proper rules and procedures were and this conflict resulted in problems with the running of the organization. When organizations adopt Roberts Rules of Order, everyone is on the same page and work can be accomplished.

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