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November 12, 2016

Today we celebrate:

National Girls Learning Code Day - This day is all about encouraging girls to learn to program so they can express themselves and their abilities through one of the most popular activities of the modern age...gaming. Begun in 2014, we need to recognize that girls are just as good at programming as boys and there is no reason why they can’t excel in this field. It’s simply a fact that fewer girls are exposed to programming so they don’t know that it is something they would enjoy doing.

Wine Tourism Day - Celebrated since 2013, so it’s relatively new, today is a day for anyone who is involved in the wine industry that caters to tourists to offer special events for the tourists to participate in. All of the organizations that participate are expected to donate a portion of their proceeds from the day to a local charity of their choice. It is a way to give back to the communities they live in. There will be a large variety of events being held all over the country from wine tastings to dinners to musical events and more. So check with your favorite winery to see if they will be participating today. This day is celebrated on the day before European Day of Wine Tourism which is always on the second Sunday in November.

Happy Hour Day - Happy Hour is a common term that is understood to mean that in many restaurants or bars you can get a discount on alcoholic beverages. It usually takes place during the week after most people get off from work between 4 and 7pm. It is intended to bring in business during what is normally a slow time of evening for these establishments. I’m not sure why the term has its own day for celebrating, so if you find out, perhaps you can share and educate me.

AFRMA Fancy Rat and Mouse Day – AFRMA stands for the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association and their goal today is to convince you that Fancy Rats and Mice (which are apparently different from regular old rats and mice) would make great pets. My children better not listen.

World Pneumonia Day - I have had pneumonia. Fortunately for me it was mild enough that I didn’t have to be admitted to the hospital, but I am well aware that it is a sickness that is not to be taken for granted. People die from pneumonia all the time in this world. Whether it’s from a depressed immune system or no access to lifesaving medications and care, the reasons don’t matter to the people who are suffering and the families who have to watch it happen.

National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day – While there are some unusual people in this world, with messed up taste buds, who actually enjoy anchovies on their pizza, I am convinced that they are in the minority. So make sure when you order your pizza with everything on it today, add in the “except anchovies” or you will for sure find some on your pizza and that will just ruin the whole thing.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Day - Twenty years ago, the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul” was released. If you haven't read it, it is a book (and there have been many others to follow it) filled with inspirational and amazing stories that Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield collected from the public. Read it today to celebrate your own life adventures and experiences.

National Redhead Day - Begun in 2015 by two redheaded sisters, this is a day to celebrate if you have red hair.  My son is a redhead and although he hasn’t always enjoyed having red hair because he felt like it made him stand out in a bad way, he’s starting to realize that it’s not a bad thing and a lot of girls like his red hair. I have seen reference to this day being celebrated on several days in September and several days in November. So I am not sure that today is the actual day and will continue researching until I find out for sure.

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