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November 28, 2016

Today we celebrate:

It’s Letter Writing Day - On this day in 1922, the first skywriting advertisement was created by Captain Cecil Turner for the Vanderbilt Hotel in New York City. It was a raving success resulting in 47,000 phone calls for the hotel. Now we can’t all go out and create our own skywriting messages but we can write our messages on paper where it will last longer.

Turkey Leftover Day - Yesterday we celebrated leftovers in general. Today we are celebrating turkey leftovers specifically. I know you still have some, I certainly do. What should we do with them today? Turkey pot pie? Turkey Casserole? Turkey sandwiches?  

National French Toast Day – If you were wondering what on earth you were going to have for breakfast today, fear not for I have your solution right here. Who doesn't love French Toast? Although apparently it should be called Roman Toast since the Apicius, a collection of recipes that appear to be from Romans back in the 5th century, has a dish that is very similar to the French Toast that we eat today.

Make Your Own Head Day – This is a day to get creative and artistic. Use whatever materials you have on hand and make your own head today. Make it however you would like it to be, it doesn't have to look anything like you.

Red Planet Day – On this day in 1964, Mariner 4 was launched. Mariner 4 was an unmanned spacecraft that passed within 9,844 kilometers of Mars and took many up close pictures of the red planet that it sent back to scientists here on Earth. It was our first up close look at our neighbor in space.

Cyber Monday – This is the Black Friday for online businesses. Today focus your buying power online. If you look, you will find some great deals to snatch up.

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