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March 27, 2017

Today we celebrate:

World Theatre Day - Created in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute, this is a day that the ITI shares a World Theatre Day International Message by an important person who shares his or her reflections on the theme of “Theatre and a Culture of Peace.” In 2017, the author of this message is Isabelle Huppert. Ms. Huppert is a theatre and cinema actress from France. You can see the whole list of message authors here.

National Spanish Paella Day – There are an amazing number of very different recipes out there for this traditional dish from Spain, so you should have no trouble finding one that fits the ingredients you already have at home.

National “Joe” Day – This is just a silly and fun day. If your name is Joe, you're golden and you don't have to change a thing. If your name is anything else, today it's going to be “Joe”. And you don't have to worry about remembering anyone else's name either because everyone is “Joe” today.

Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day – There are some country songs that have some very odd titles to say the least. I find it interesting that there are enough of them that someone felt the need to make a day for the subject. I’ll give you a quick example: ‘Dixie Rose Deluxe’s Honky-Tonk, Feed Store, Gun Shop, Used Car, Beer, Bait, BBQ, Barber Shop, Laundromat’.  Yes, that is the name of a song.  Here are some more.

Celebrate Exchange Day – Created by The National Exchange Club which was founded on this day in 1911 by businessmen who wanted to exchange ideas. The members advised each other and shared information and arranged activities to benefit their communities such as supporting the youth, preventing crime and helping senior citizens, members of the military and more.

Seward's Day – Always on the last Monday in March, this day celebrates the purchase of Alaska from Russia by Secretary of State William Henry Seward on March 30, 1867 for $7.2 million. Most people at the time thought that was a ridiculous thing to do and called it “Seward's Folly”. Mr. Seward suffered a great deal of criticism until they discovered gold in Alaska in 1897. Sadly, Mr. Seward died before that happened so he never knew the full extent of what he did for the United States.

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