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April 8, 2017

Today we celebrate:

Zoo Lovers Day - Today is a great day to visit a zoo near you. Many of them will undoubtedly have special events today in celebration of you...the zoo lover. I know there are a lot of people out there who do not like the fact that zoos keep animals locked up. But they do have some good programs such as helping to rehabilitate injured animals, researching animals to learn about them and figure out ways to help them survive in the wild, protect endangered species by encouraging their reproduction in captivity and teaching us about animals by allowing us to see and learn about animals we would never have the opportunity to see normally.

Take Your Parents to the Playground Day - Celebrated 8 days before Easter, this is a day to take a break from the hectic pace of winter storms and cold and take your parents to a relaxing trip to the playground. I say relaxing because parents generally can just find a place to sit and watch you play to your heart’s content...well, at least until you need a push on the swings, or to be caught at the bottom of the slide.

International Feng Shui Awareness Day - Feng Shui is an oriental practice. It is about the way buildings and the furniture and other things inside the buildings should be placed in order to achieve the greatest possible harmony in your life. There is a lot to be said for structuring your work and home to be the most relaxing for you. Maybe if more people paid attention to things like this, there would be far less stress in the world.

Dog Farting Awareness Day - This is one of those ridiculous days that I can’t believe exists. But I don’t make the days, I only tell you about them when I find them. So this is a day to talk about the foul smell of your dog’s flatulence. The most common cause, according to people who study these things, is the fact that your dog is probably swallowing air while eating. It could also be because they are having a malabsorption issue which is an inability to digest certain foods, or because you are feeding them something that is just a gas causing food. If this is a problem that is causing some consternation in your house, try changing your dog’s diet or talk to your vet about it because he/she might know something that could help.

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day - Dog fighting is not something that only occurs in a few places places. It is a nationwide problem and you may even know someone who participates. Not that you would know that you know someone because it is a crime so they wouldn’t advertise it. People from all walks of life have been arrested for having connections to this horrible activity. Dogs die all the time in these fights. Some dogs are sacrificed by being turned into bait dogs in order to train another dog to be a fighter. Dog fighting is a felony in all of our states and the ASPCA helps law enforcement in their efforts to stop it from occurring.

International Romani Day - Today we celebrate the Romani culture and people. The day was officially created in 1990 in Poland in honor of the first day of the first international meeting of Romani representatives on this day in 1971. The Romanis are spread around the world, mostly in Europe and the Americas. They originated near Northern India. They are more commonly known as “Gypsies” and have suffered persecution for centuries.

Trading Cards For Grown-ups Day - Kids love trading cards on all manner of subjects from sports to games to animals. But there is no reason why adults can’t love them too. If you are an adult collector of trading cards, this is a day for you. If you haven’t started a collection yet, pick a subject that interests you and look into whether there are trading cards for it.

National Empanada Day – You can turn almost anything into an empanada by wrapping it in bread. That makes them a pretty portable, easily eaten, lunch option.

All Is Ours Day – Look around you today and notice all of the beautiful and wonderful things that the world provides for us. Then realize that much of what you see belongs to everyone, not just you. So don't be greedy. We need to share nature’s wonders with each other and we each need to take care that we don’t destroy those same wonders with our selfish, entitled attitude.  Just because we live on the earth, doesn’t give us the right to throw our garbage wherever we want or simply take whatever we want whenever we want to.

Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day – This day was begun in the 1940's in the United Kingdom by a little 7 year old girl named Dorie Cooper, who was trying to cheer up her uncle but ended up lifting the spirits of an entire hospital ward. She accomplished this by asking her sick uncle to draw her a picture of a bird. When he had, she laughed and said he wasn’t very good, but she would hang it in her room anyway. Her honesty and laugh made her uncle and many other patients laugh as well. So that every time she came to visit, they would have bird drawing contests until the walls of the ward were filled with pictures. She died in a car accident when she was ten years old and her casket was filled with pictures of birds made by doctors, nurses and patients at the hospital. Originally, in order to celebrate this day, you could only use pencils for your drawing. Then, some years ago, crayons were added as acceptable drawing implements. Just recently, computer drawing packages were allowed as well. Enjoy.

Buddha Day – Known as Vesakha, or Buddha's birthday, the date of celebration varies depending on which culture's calendar you follow. The Chinese lunar calendar places the day on the 8th day of the 4th month, which would be May 3rd this year. The Japanese adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1873 and so they celebrate this day on April 8th every year. On this day Buddhists are expected to gather at their temples for a day full of symbolism and reflection upon Buddha's words.

Baby Massage Day – Celebrated on the second Saturday in April, this is a day to learn how to massage your baby. If done correctly, I have heard tell that it can help babies with a whole host of issues such as sleeping problems, colic, constipation, and fussiness. Plus, it’s a great way of forming strong, positive connections with your baby.

Slow Art Day - Celebrated on the second Saturday of April, this is a day to slow down and really look at the art you come across today. If you take time to look closely at art, you will discover depth and nuances that you would normally miss in our hurry up world.

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