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September 24, 2013

Today we celebrate:

National Cherries Jubilee Day – A dessert that consists of cherries over vanilla ice cream. Sometimes brandy or some other kind of liqueur is warmed and poured over the top. I've never tried it so I guess I should today.

Punctuation Day – I better proofread my work carefully today because this day is all about proper punctuation. Make sure you use your commas, colons, periods, apostrophes, etc., properly.

National Voter Registration Day – This is the day to register to vote in your local area. If you are not already registered, it is important that you use your voice to participate in deciding who will run our government. Register today.

To celebrate today, register to vote, then write a letter to someone you love, being careful to use proper punctuation, and finish up the day with some cherries jubilee.

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