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December 15, 2013

I'm posting this early just in case I lose power on Saturday since we have a snowstorm coming our way.  If you are looking for Saturday's celebrations, just move down the page a little more.

Today, on Sunday, we celebrate:

National Lemon Cupcake Day – I am a big fan of lemon flavored baked goods, even more than chocolate, believe it or not. So I am all over this particular holiday.

Bill of Rights Day – This is a day to celebrate the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution called the Bill of Rights. These rights were written in order to ensure the freedom of all Americans and to make sure that the Government has limited power over the people.

Cat Herders Day
– This is not a day to actually try to herd cats from one spot to another. I think we can all recognize how nearly impossible a task that would be. That is the point of the whole day, to recognize the frustration of trying to do the impossible which some of us are faced with on a regular basis whether at work or at home.

To celebrate today, recite the Bill of Rights to your children while eating lemon cupcakes, one tiny crumb at a time.

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