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December 12, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Official Lost and Found Day - Celebrated on the second Friday in December, this is a day to spend a little extra time, effort and thought to search for items you have lost and to find owners for items you have found.  If you think about your lost items carefully, and rationally, you may decide that you no longer need the item in question and you can stop searching for it. This day was created by Official Lost and Found Day at 

National Ambrosia Day – This dish is not called “food of the gods” for nothing. It's pretty heavenly if you ask me. Fruit, marshmallows, whipped cream, do I need to say more?

Gingerbread House Day – This is a day to make a good, old-fashioned gingerbread house with your children. Gingerbread walls, frosting for glue and candy for decorations. Fun to make and really fun to eat.

National Ding-A-Ling Day – I'm not really sure what this day is all about. My research was only able to find a suggestion that this day is about celebrating the internal ding-a-ling in all of us. I've certainly got a little bit of ding-a-ling in me and I'm sure that at least some of you have a little bit in you as well. Of course, I guess that depends on what you consider to be a ding-a-ling.

National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day – This is a day to work on your breath. If you have bad breath, you might want to consider scheduling an appointment with your dentist because it could indicate a problem that needs to be fixed. Otherwise, use some mouthwash and brush those teeth and you should have great smelling breath for a few hours. at least.

National Cocoa Day – This is a day to sit back and enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate. Hmmmm...I can smell that chocolate now. I like mine with mini marshmallows in it.

Poinsettia Day – On this day in 1851, Joel Roberts Poinsett, an American botanist, physician and Minister to Mexico, died. Several years prior to his death, in 1828, he sent cuttings of the plant we now call Poinsettia from his location in Southern Mexico to his home in Charleston, SC, in order to protect and preserve them.

To celebrate today, brush your teeth and think about items you have lost this past year.  Try to find them or decide you don’t need them before you decorate your house with poinsettias. Then eat ambrosia and drink some hot chocolate while you make gingerbread houses with your fellow ding-a-lings.  

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