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December 30, 2014

Today we celebrate:

National Bicarbonate of Soda Day – This is a wonderous food with a million and one uses. No, I'm not going to list all million and one, I promise. You can bake, rid your refrigerator and freezer of odors, rid your laundry of odors, draw out bee sting venom, and clean just about anything to name just a few.

Bacon Day - This is one of those tongue-in-cheek days that was started on a lark and has continued because everyone loves bacon.  The purpose is to have a party with all of your friends regardless of their religious affiliations and eat bacon.  There is all kinds of interesting information and celebration tips at the official Bacon Day website.

Festival of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute - The year is almost over.  Did you accomplish everything that you planned to accomplish this year?  Check your New Year’s resolutions and the multitude of lists of things to do you have written down over the course of the year on the backs of envelopes.  If there is anything that you didn’t finish yet, you still have time.  But get busy, because there is no time to waste!

No Interruptions Day – This is a day to turn off the phone, ignore emails, instant messages and texts, lock the door to your room or office and just relax and let the stress melt away.

To celebrate today, ignore attempts to interrupt you while you figure out what you need to finish before the year is out.  Then plan your bacon party and use baking soda to clean your kitchen to prepare for making all that bacon.

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