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December 31, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Leap Second Time Adjustment Day – Celebrated on either this day or June 30th, this is a day where scientists adjust our time by a second in order to make sure our clocks are working in accordance with Earth's rotation. They are not adjusted every six months and some years they are not adjusted at all. Sometimes they take away a second and sometimes they add a second based on the speed of Earth's rotation which can vary based on climatic and geological events.  I’d be interested in knowing who first discovered that some years there is a discrepancy of a second or two a year.  That person must be obsessed with time and astronomy in order to figure that out.

Make Up Your Mind Day – This is a day to be decisive. Whatever you are waffling about, make up your mind to make up your mind about it today.

National Champagne Day – It's no big surprise that today is National Champagne Day. I'm sure that if studies were done on such things, and they probably are, they would find that more people drink champagne on this day than any other day in the year. Not me, however, I’ll be giving this day a pass because champagne gives me a headache.

New Year’s Eve – This is the day before New Year’s Day and the last day of 2014. Tonight at midnight we say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Here's hoping that 2015 brings great advances in affordable environmental conservation techniques.

Unlucky Day – I'm not sure why, but many people consider this, the last day of the year, to be an unlucky day. I think that any day that I wake up breathing and able to get up and do what I need to do is a very lucky day.

Universal Hour of Peace Day – This is an event to which people from all countries, cultures, and creeds are invited to create peace by joining together and dedicating their minds and bodies to peaceful thoughts and actions for one hour beginning at 11:30pm today and ending at 12:30am tomorrow morning. It was created by the School of Metaphysics and the first Hour was celebrated on October 24th, 1995.

To celebrate today, lock your door to keep out the unluckiness of the day and make up your mind to have some Champagne at your New Years party where you will encourage your guests to celebrate the hour of peace, then offer a toast to the scientists who keep our clocks in shape down to the last second.

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