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December 17, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Pan American Aviation Day – This day celebrates the first successful flight by the Wright Brothers. See Wright Brothers Day below. The purpose of this day is to increase interest in aviation in all of the American countries in order to expand cultural development and increase communication between all of these countries.

Wright Brothers Day – This day also celebrates the first successful flight by the Wright Brothers because it was on this day in 1903, that Wilbur and Orville Wright finally succeeded in their endeavor to invent a mechanically propelled aircraft that is capable of flight. History was made and aircraft have made one heck of a lot of progress in just 111 years.

National Maple Syrup Day – Well, if you're going to have maple syrup today, you have to have something delicious to have with it like pancakes or french toast or waffles.

International Talk With A Fake British Accent Day – This day was created by Louise Gale and Derek Nisbet, founders of the Big Apple Brits. They have planned some events in NYC to celebrate this day and everyone is encouraged to talk with a British accent for these events.

To celebrate today, talk with a British accent all day while you go shopping for some maple syrup, then head to the local airport to see how far aviation has come since the Wright Brothers.

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