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April 21, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Thank You For Libraries Day - Libraries fill a great need in their communities.  You may not think of it often but there are lots of people in your community that do not have internet access, or money to buy books, or access to tax forms.  Some people need the library to have access to a few hours of heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer.  Some people need help finding information, learning how to use computers, learning how to speak English, or learning how to read.  Check out your local library today, there is probably more going on there than you know about.

Big Word Day - OK, this is an odd day. The goal today is to use the biggest, most gargantuan words you can, just so that you can impress those around you.

Tuna Rights Day - Yes, Tuna has rights too, and don’t forget it. Tuna has the right to swim in the ocean without being snagged by some fisherman’s net and tossed into a fry pan. Try eating something else today.

Keep Off The Grass Day - Created by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway and celebrated the day before Earth Day, this is the day to keep off the grass just like this puppy in the picture. You can feel free to celebrate this day in any way you deem fit. Even if that means NOT keeping off the grass.

Poem In Your Pocket Day - My kids used to do this in Elementary school, I can imagine what their reaction will be when I suggest it to them this morning.  The idea is to select a poem, either your favorite poem, or one that inspires you or means something to you. Write it down and put it in your pocket. Then take it out periodically during the day and read it or share it with others.

San Jacinto Day - The Battle of San Jacinto was fought on this day in 1836. It was here, at the last battle of the Texas Revolution, that Texas won independence from Mexico.  Texas takes this day very seriously and made it an official holiday with a festival and reenactments every year.

National Ask An Atheist Day – Celebrated on the third Thursday of April, this is a day to ask an atheist anything you want about their beliefs, or rather, unbeliefs. They don't wish to be yelled at or chastised or converted, but most will gladly participate in a civilized discussion.

National High Five Day – Celebrated on the third Thursday in April, this is a day for saving lives. This year the the High Five people are working to promote awareness of the effects that cancer has on everyone whether they are diagnosed with it or not. The event is similar in spirit to a dance-a-thon or a running event, but easier because this is a day for giving high fives to strangers all day long.

National D.A.R.E. Day – Every year, the President of the United States designates a day, usually on the third Thursday of April, to be a National D.A.R.E. Day. D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education and it involves police officers educating kids in school about the hazards of drugs.

Yom HaZikaron – This is a day of remembrance for Israeli soldiers that have fallen since 1860, and for victims of terrorism, and is also known as Israel's official Memorial Day. It begins at sundown today.

Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day – This day is not only about appreciating bulldogs, who are beautiful in their own way. It is also about celebrating the beautiful differences between people of all sizes, shapes, colors and coordination.

National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day – I have yet to find out where to buy these chocolate and cashew little pieces of heaven. Does anyone have any ideas?

Kindergarten Day – Today we celebrate the birthday of Friedrich Froebe who was born in 1782 and started the first kindergarten in 1837. It was a very popular concept but the government chose to stop it in 1851. A year later Friedrich died and so wasn't able to see that his idea was resurrected in Germany in 1860 and in 1873 the first public kindergarten was opened in St. Louis Missouri. They blossomed from there so that now there are multiple options for kindergartens for your children no matter where you are.

John Muir Day - Born on this day in Scotland in 1838, John Muir was a wilderness explorer and writer.  He was also the first President of the Sierra Club. He came to the U.S. in 1849 and lived in California. He traveled extensively and made it his mission to encourage people to protect nature and beauty. He helped to establish Yosemite National Park in 1890.

International Pizza Cake Day - Wow!  I actually know what this is!  And I’ve done it!  I admit that it took me a minute.  Pizza cake? What the heck is pizza cake? Then it hit me...cake that looks like pizza. I made some of these for my daughter’s birthday years ago. I wish I could find a picture to share with you...but that was back before digital cameras existed in my universe and who has time to page through piles of pictures. But this is a day to make a delicious cake that looks like a pizza. It is celebrated on the third Thursday of April.

Get To Know Your Customers Day – We had this day in January and you will see it again twice more this year because it is celebrated on the third Thursday of every quarter as a reminder to business owners about how important it is to know who your customers are and what their needs might be. Have a long conversation with your customers or take a customer out to lunch or dinner in order to get to know their needs so that you can better figure out how your business can meet those needs.

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