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April 26, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Hug A Friend Day - I am a hugger. I can admit it. I don’t think I need therapy for it because I don’t think I get out of hand with it, but you’d have to ask my victims….I mean...friends that get hugged, in order to be sure. I’m am sure of one thing, you most likely have one or more friends that need a hug today. There are a lot of health benefits associated with hugging so don’t hold back.

Static Cling Day - Do you like science?  If so, this is a day to do some experiments with static cling. We’ve all experienced it, the shock you get when you touch someone sometimes and the fun of rubbing a balloon on your head and sticking it to the wall. Do a search on the internet to see if there are other fun experiments you can try.

School Bus Drivers’ Day - This is a California day, as far as I can tell, and is to be celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of April. It is a day to honor the school bus drivers that we trust every day to transport our children to and from school and school related activities. They are a dedicated crew that get up ridiculously early, drive the same route every day, deal with loud, boisterous and frequently disobedient children. But they are a heroic group that will also do whatever they have to do to protect the children in their care.

World Intellectual Property Day - On this day we are to encourage innovation and creativity by discussing what the role of intellectual property should be. Intellectual property is something that isn’t physical but still belongs to the person who thought it up.

Help A Horse Day - This is a day that was created by the ASPCA to support the organizations that work hard to make sure that horses are safe and not being abused or mistreated. If you are part of such an organization, check out the link and and see how you can sign up for the contest next year. It’s too late to sign up this year because the deadline was April 1st but see what is involved and see if you can plan to participate next year because you could win several thousand dollars to help your mission.

National Pretzel Day – Pretzels have been around for a long time. There’s a story that they were invented by either German or Italian monks back around 600 A.D., but I couldn’t find any documentation about that so I don’t know if it’s true. However, there is documentation in the form of illustrations dating back to the 12th century that proves that they are at least that old.

Richter Scale Day – The Richter Scale was created by Charles Richter in 1935 and, as everyone in California knows, it measures the size of earthquakes. The largest one measured so far since it's creation was the Great Chilean Earthquake which registered a 9.5 on May 22, 1960. Between the earthquake and the resulting tsunami, more than 6,000 people died. The only reason that number isn’t higher is because of the relative low population density in the area at the time. Mr. Richter was born on this day in 1900.  

Audubon Day – John James Audubon was born on this day in 1785. He was an artist who dedicated more than 30 years of his life to drawing as many different kinds of birds as he could find. The Audubon Society was created after his death by one of his wife's students, George Bird Grinnell, for the purpose of studying and protecting birds everywhere. And yes, as far as I can find out, that was Mr. Grinnell's real name. Many Audubon societies will have special events or opportunities for volunteering today.

National Kids And Pets Day – Created by Colleen Paige, who has created a lot of different pet related holidays, this is a day to foster the belief that every child should have a pet to care for. I had pets for most of my childhood and I can tell you that caring for them taught me a lot. I loved them more than I can even begin to tell you.

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