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April 5, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Read A Road Map Day - Do you know how to read a map? That is a skill that is not really taught to all kids anymore like it was when I was young.  People are very reliant on GPS systems that tell them where they need to go.  But I have always enjoyed spreading out a map and looking all all the roads in a state, any state.  It makes me realize just how big this world really is and how many places you can go in it.  I still have some maps in my car because I am one of the few who do not have a GPS. But I wonder how long before you can’t buy a physical map anymore.

SAAM Day of Action - April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) and toda yis an action day to kick off SAAM events that will be happening throughout the month. We need to teach our children, boys and girls, from an early age to realize that sexual assault is wrong.  A “no” at any time means “no” and ignoring that is never an option.

Bell Bottoms Day - I remember Bell Bottom pants.  I was too young to really get into the fad, but I had some hand me downs from relative so I was wearing them when they were no longer fashionable.  But that’s par for the course for me.

National Dandelion Day - I found lots of evidence that dandelions are celebrated today.  I did not find out why.  Most people think of dandelions as weeds, although apparently they are edible.  I haven’t tried eating them myself, but some say they are pretty good in a salad.

National Caramel Day - Caramel candy was most likely invented in the 1700s.  It is made with brown sugar, white sugar, milk, butter and vanilla and is one of my weaknesses.  Enjoy some on ice cream, in coffee, in candy, in brownies, on popcorn or any other way you can think of.

National Raisin & Spice Bar Day – This appears to be a southern dessert so perhaps my southern friends could weigh in on whether this would be a good recipe.

Go For Broke Day – This was the motto of the 443rd Regimental Combat Team, a segregated Japanese-American unit serving in World War II, and one of the most decorated units in the army. The day specifically highlights one of the members of that unit, Sadao S. Munemori, who died on this day in 1945 in the process of saving two men in his unit. His actions that day are also credited with contributing a great deal to the ultimate success of his unit's mission.

National Deep Dish Pizza Day – Originated in Chicago in 1943, the purpose of this day is to spread awareness of this delicious alternative to the junk food classic.

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