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July 16, 2017

Today we celebrate:

National Corn Fritter Day – When I make corn fritters, which my husband loves, I start out frying them and then finish them in the oven. Some people deep-fry them or just bake them or pan-fry them all the way through. However you like it, enjoy it that way today. Here’s a recipe you can try if you don’t have one.

National Personal Chef Day – We celebrated this on February 26th as well since there is so much disagreement regarding which day it should be celebrated. I like the idea so much that I think it deserves two celebration days. Who wouldn't want a personal chef to come to their home and make dinner for them?

National Fresh Spinach Day - Spinach gets a bad rap from kids. I, personally, love spinach whether it’s cooked or raw in a salad. It is very healthy being rich in iron, vitamins, fiber and calcium, and it’s very tasty if it’s cooked right or if it’s small and tender enough like you find in good salads.

La Paz Day - La Paz is the capital of Bolivia and celebrates its own Independence Day today. On this day in 1809, Pedro Domingo Murillo led a revolt of the people of South American or various European heritages against the Spanish rulers. It took 16 years, but they succeeded. If you go there today, you’ll see parades, fireworks, dancing and music.`

Take-no-Nobori - In, what is now known as, the Nagano Prefecture of Japan, there was a terrible drought in the year 1504. Absolutely no rain all summer long. Finally, the people prayed to their god who apparently granted them 3 days of rain. Jubilantly, the people gave their god an offering of enough high quality cloth for two kimonos. Who knew gods wore kimonos? Well, this one seems to. Anyway, the people turned this into a yearly festival and continue to hike up Mount Ogamidake to offer homemade cloth to the god.

National Ice Cream Day – Celebrated on the third Sunday in July, this day was created by former President Ronald Reagan who saw how popular ice cream was (and still is) in this country. His direction was that this day should be observed with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” I’m pretty sure that this means that you should eat some ice cream today.

Anne Hutchinson Memorial Day – Celebrated every July on a Sunday near Anne's baptism day, July 20, 1591. This is a day to honor this incredible woman who had somewhere around 15 children, was a religious leader and spiritual leader for women in Boston. She helped lay the groundwork for the free speech and religious tolerance that we Americans hold so dear. It didn't go over so well with the Puritans she lived with at the time. Some consider her to be the first American feminist.

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