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March 12, 2014

Today we celebrate:

National Milky Way Day – This is a day that I am very excited about. It's a day that is all about eating Milky Way candy bars. This delightful sweet treat was created by Frank C. Mars back in 1923. Apparently there is an American version, that has chocolate-malt nougat with caramel and milk chocolate, and a non-American version that does not have the caramel. All I can say to that is that I will never move to any other country.

Plant A Flower Day – This is a day to plant flowers in your flower gardens. If your ground is still frozen outside and covered with snow, like mine, or you are still expecting some freezing at night, then you can start your flowers inside. Nothing gets our spirits up like seeing flowers and feeling warm weather in springtime. Springtime is fast approaching so get those flowers ready.

World Day Against Cyber Censorship – Begun in 2008 by Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International, this is a day to speak out against the online censorship perpetuated by many countries. Their goal is to have an unrestricted internet that has free access for everyone in the world.

National Baked Scallops Day – I am used to frying scallops on the stove, but this is another option that looks pretty good. If you use bay scallops, you can probably do it the same way, just cut down on the cooking time.

Girl Scouts Day – On this day in 1912, Juliette Gordon Low gathered together 18 girls in Savanna, Georgia, and held the first ever Girl Scout meeting. Her dream has grown into a worldwide reality for millions of girls over the last 102 years.

Registered Dietitian Day – Dietitians are dedicated to improving the health of the population through healthy eating practices. They work hard to get us to stop eating junk so we live longer and healthier lives. If we would just listen to them, there would be far fewer weight and health issues in this country. The problem is that the food that is bad for us is soooooo good, it's hard to resist even though we know we should.

Brain Injury Awareness Day – On this day, as they do every year, Congress will participate in an awareness fair, briefing and reception. All focused on the effects of brain injuries which can be very traumatic and severe. It doesn't take much of an impact for your brain to be injured and it can have immense consequences that affect the victim for the remainder of his/her life.

National Alfred Hitchcock Day – Born on August 13, 1899, this is a day to celebrate the master of suspense. I was not able to determine why it was today and not August 13th, but regardless, if you have the stomach for it, today is the day to watch one of his disturbing movies. If you watch carefully, there is a very good chance you will see him in the movie somewhere as he had cameos in most of his films.

To celebrate today, wear a helmet all day to protect your brain from injuries and then have a Milky Way bar before you go see your dietitian since it's a pretty sure bet she/he would tell you to avoid candy. Next, get some Girl Scouts to help you plant flowers. Finally, get online to find the best recipe for baked scallops that you can find and have that for dinner while you watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

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