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March 7, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Employee Appreciation Day – Another holiday celebrated on the first Friday in March, this day was begun in 1995 by Workman Publishing in order to focus positive, appreciative attention on all employees in every industry.

World Day Of Prayer – Yet another first Friday of March celebration, this day is a day to bring together Christian women of all different races, traditions and cultures. The goal is to become closer in fellowship and actions. This year the host country is Egypt, you are invited to dive into the living waters and see what happens in our lives and the lives of those we carry those waters home to.

National Be Heard Day – This day was created by Shannon Cherry to highlight the fact that big businesses have a tendency to steal all the limelight because they have the financial resources to pay for the publicity that get's their name out there. Small businesses need to step up and make a big noise today. There are millions of small businesses in this country, get out there and make yourselves known.

Alexander Graham Bell Day – On this day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was issued a patent for “the method of, and apparatus for, transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically … by causing electrical undulations, similar in form to the vibrations of the air accompanying the said vocal or other sound.” The patent office has a way of making the most exciting and revolutionary accomplishments sound so dull and boring. But in any case, the lives of teenagers around the world were never the same again.

National Day of Unplugging – Celebrated on the first Friday in March, this is a day to turn off your cell phone, computer, iwhatever, gaming device and any other electronic device you may have. It begins at sunset today and ends at sunset tomorrow. So get outside, enjoy some sunshine if you can find some, enjoy some peace and spend some quality time with your family and friends. It’s supposed to be almost 40 degrees where I live today and on Saturday we should get a high temperature of 46 degrees which is positively balmy compared to what we have been living with so it’s a great day to get outside, you won’t even have to bundle up much.

National Crown Roast Of Pork Day – Take your pork loin and pull it into a circle shape with the bones sticking up so it looks like a crown. You will probably have to tie it into place so it stays that shape, but when it comes out of the oven, it will look beautiful!

Middle Name Pride Day – This is a day to be proud of your middle name and tell everyone what it is. Some people don't particularly like their middle names and some people actually hate it and refuse to tell anyone what it is. But put aside those feelings today, find something in your middle name that you can be proud of and share it with everyone.  My middle name is Ann.  What’s yours?

National Cereal Day – Cereal is pretty blah without milk so hopefully you have some available because this is going to be your breakfast today. For some fascinating history, and fun facts about cereal, look here: For example, did you know that 49 percent of Americans eat cereal for breakfast?. I know that at least one American also has cereal before going to bed at night. That would be my teenage son because he is a tall, skinny, bottomless pit.

To celebrate today, have cereal for breakfast, put on something blue to wear and get on the telephone and have a prayerful conference call with some other Christian women you know and maybe even a few you don't. Make sure you tell them all what your middle name is. Then be appreciative of every employee you meet today. Even if they are not your employees, they are probably someone's. Finally, do whatever you can to help advertise for the small businesses you frequent before turning off all of your devices for the next 24 hours and enjoying some crown roast of pork for dinner with your family.

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