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March 5, 2014

Today we celebrate:

National Cheese Doodle Day – These tasty, puffed corn treats first appeared in the 1930's. They are sold all over the world under different brand names. But tasty is tasty no matter what name it has. I could not find out who created them but whoever it was obviously had a great idea.

Saint Piran's Day – St. Piran lived during the 6th century and is the patron saint of tin miners. For reasons I don't understand, this day is associated with heavy alcoholic consumption along with lots and lots of food.

Learn What Your Name Means Day – Today is a research kind of day. Use whatever resources you have available to find out what your name means. I talked a little bit about this two days ago during the fun facts portion of this week, this is a good site to use for this purpose:

National Multiple Personality Day – Now knows as Dissociative Identity Disorder, this would be a good day to watch the movie Sybil. This also means that it's okay to be caught talking to yourself today. We make jokes about this issue sometimes but we need to remember that for many people, it's a very real and very life altering disorder.

To celebrate today, have some cheese doodles while you watch a documentary on multiple personality issues. Then offer a prayer to St. Piran to keep the tin miners safe and spend some time researching what your name means.

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