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May 11, 2014

Enjoy spending the day with your mother today celebrating:

Eat What You Want Day – This is a day to pick something you REALLY love to eat, and then go ahead and eat it today. I think the creators of this day intend for you to eat whatever you want all day long but I can't condone that due to all the diabetes and other health issues going around. I suggest that you don't go crazy because you will totally derail your health and diet. Just pick one thing, eat it slowly and really enjoy it.

Twilight Zone Day – The Twilight Zone, for those of you too young to have seen it, was a television series that began in 1959, in black and white. You can probably find reruns of them on air on one of your many channels today if you look. They were twisted, suspenseful, and a little bit scary, for their time, because of all the “what if” questions they made you contemplate.  

Mother's Day – Always celebrated on the second Sunday in May, this is a day to honor mothers, or mother figures everywhere. Typically we celebrate with cards and gifts, but if you have your own way of celebrating with your mother, or the one who is like a mother to you, feel free to do so.

Mothers At The Wall Day – This is a day for mothers who have lost a child to war. There is nothing more devastating than losing your child. If you have lost one who went off to fight for our country, you have the heartfelt sympathies of an entire nation at your feet as you go to the Vietnam Memorial Wall for the special Mother's Day ceremony.

To celebrate today, spend the day with your Mother starting at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, then enjoying a lovely lunch where you can eat what you want, and finishing the day watching episodes of the Twilight Zone.

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