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May 29, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day – Back in the day before there were refrigerators, it was fairly common practice, or so I understand not being old enough to have experienced it, to put cloth in your larder as it was believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the family. Well, no one has a larder any more and not too many of us have piles of cloth lying around so we are encouraged to put a pillow on or in (if you have room) your refrigerator. If you do this, let me know if it works and you end up having good luck and great wealth.  And make sure you have a camera handy to capture the looks on the faces of your loved ones as they attempt to raid the fridge and find a pillow among the food.

Ascension Of Baha'u'Llah – On this day in 1892, Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i faith, died and ascended into Heaven. He left his followers teachings which he believed would lead all of humanity to a “true and abiding peace.”

Learn About Composting Day – This is a day to learn about composting. The basic idea is to reuse our food scraps by collecting them in a compost bin and over time, turning them into compost which would make good, natural fertilizer.

National Coq Au Vin Day – Chicken and wine. Really, that is all this is. Have some chicken and wine for dinner tonight. Oh, you can follow a traditional recipe and make it all fancy if you want or have time. If not, any old chicken and wine will do.

International Day Of United Nations Peacekeepers - Keeping the peace is a difficult and dangerous job.  This is a day, declared by the United Nations, to remember and honor the United Nations Peacekeepers who have lost their lives to this cause.  The first UN peacekeeping mission was performed in 1948 and more than 3,200 have died in the years since then as a result of their pursuit of world peace.

End of Middle Ages Day – According to historians, this day in 1453 was the last day of the Middle Ages. I don't know about you but my first question was: How do they know that? Well, I'll tell you. May 29, 1453 was the day that Constantinople fell, marking the end of the Byzantine Empire. Goodbye, Middle Ages: Hello, Renaissance.

Ascension Day – Also known as the Feast of the Ascension, this day commemorates the bodily Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven and is celebrated by Christian Churches.

To celebrate today, put a pillow on your fridge, (if it's like mine, there is no room inside and who wants to do that anyway...although it might be amusing when the kids go in there to get a snack.). Next, find a middle ages costume to wear (maybe you can be a knight in shining armor) and head to the United Nations to cheer up the Peacekeepers. When you get home tonight, take some time to research the right way to compost and start a composting program for your house.  Have some chicken and wine for your feast of Ascension dinner while you explain about Baha'u'Llah to your family.

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