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May 18, 2014

Visit your relatives and dirty their dishes, not yours while you celebrate:

International Museum Day – This day was created in 1977 by the International Council of Museums for the purpose of increasing awareness of the importance of museums in society. They were probably also hoping to increase the number of people visiting the thousands of museums sprinkled around the country. Well, it worked, attendance has been increasing steadily ever since. Last year, nearly 35,000 museums participated in this day by hosting special events in 143 countries.  The theme for this year is “Museum collections make connections.”

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day – Sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, this is a day to learn about the work that is being done by thousands of scientists, health professionals, and volunteers with the goal of creating an HIV vaccine.  They have already made tremendous breakthroughs.  I heard of a baby who was born with HIV, but who now, after treatment, doesn’t have a trace of it left in his body.  They are watching him to see what happens long term, but it is very hopeful news.

Neighbor Day – This day was begun in 1993 in Rhode Island because of a tragedy which ended in the loss of a life and the incarceration of another. The hope of this day is to get to know your neighbors, be concerned for them and be willing to help them when they need it and, hopefully, they will do the same for you.

No Dirty Dishes Day – I am not sure how this day is supposed to work unless you eat out for all of your meals today. The goal is to have no dirty dishes to wash today. Which I approve of wholeheartedly. I don't know of anyone who likes washing dishes but I can't really condone the idea of using paper plates all day because if everyone does this, the landfills will be overflowing. I just got a great idea! Have the kids wash the dishes today!

Visit Your Relatives Day – This is a day for family. Reconnect with family members you haven't seen in a while and spend some time with older members of your family. You never know how long you will have left with them.

National Cheese Souffle Day – I have made a lot of things, but I have never made a souffle. Maybe I'll try this recipe tonight:

I Love Reese's Day – This day was created by popular demand. I found a rumor that said “nearly 40,000 fans” joined a campaign on Facebook and said they wanted this delectable treat to have its own day. I can see that happening and if it's true, I'm a little surprised it was only 40,000. Clearly, their efforts were successful.

To celebrate today, go out for breakfast so you don’t dirty any of your dishes, then head to a Museum to see what special things they have going on.  Then visit your relatives for a cheese souffle lunch, again sparing your dishes from getting dirty, while you make sure they know about the latest advances in the HIV vaccine.  Finally, visit your neighbors for dinner, completing your goal of no dirty dishes today, and share some Reese’s with them for dessert.

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