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May 10, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Mother's Day – Happy Mother's Day to one and all. This day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May, and is a day to honor mothers, or mother figures everywhere. Typically we celebrate with cards and gifts, or a meal out in a restaurant, but if you have your own way of celebrating with your mother, or the one who is like a mother to you, feel free to do so. You don't actually have to have given birth to a child in order to be a mother. There are plenty of wonderful mothers out there who have come into the position by adoption, fostering, marriage or simply by loving a child.

Mothers At The Wall Day – This is a day for mothers who have lost a child to war. There is nothing more devastating than losing your child. If you have lost one who went off to fight for our country, you have the heartfelt sympathies of an entire nation at your feet as you go to the Vietnam Memorial Wall for the special Mother's Day ceremony.  This day is celebrated on Mother’s Day every year.  As a mother of relatively young children, I only need to imagine losing one of my children for the panic to start welling up in my heart.  Actually experiencing that loss has to be the hardest thing in the world to endure.  My heart goes out to each and every one of you.

Clean Up Your Room Day – This just might be my favorite day so far. Kids! Where are you? Have I got a day for you! Get the winter doldrums out of your room and get it ready for summer!

World Lupus Day – Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect any organ in the body. It is a disease for which there is, so far, no cure. Today is about spreading awareness of the disease so people can be diagnosed earlier, and raising funds for research so better treatments can be developed. Learn more about it today.

International Astronomy Day – This day was begun in 1973 by Doug Berger, President of the Astronomical Association of Northern California. The original plan was to set up telescopes in urban locations so people who did not normally get to spend much time looking at the stars could do so on this special day. This day is now sponsored by a variety of astronomical groups and is a day for interaction between regular people and astronomy enthusiasts.

National Windmill Day – In the very old days, before electricity, windmills were one of the few ways that energy could be gathered. With the invention of electricity, windmill power went by the wayside for a long time. But today, there is a movement afoot to get more windmills working in more areas as it is a pollution free, natural and renewable energy source.

To celebrate today, have your kids to clean their rooms while you go to get checked for Lupus by your doctor and take a quick trip to the Vietnam Wall Memorial.  Then, look for windmills on the way back.  Finally, have your mother come over to celebrate Mother’s Day by looking at the stars tonight.

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