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May 2, 2015

Today we celebrate:

World Tuna Day - This day was created by the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA).  It is a day to celebrate tuna and everyone who is involved in the fishing and conservation and management of the tuna population.  They will announce the winners of their art and talent competition today, so hang onto your hats the excitement has only just begun!  In the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, there was dancing, speeches, contests. So if you are lucky enough to be in the area...first, I’m jealous….second, check out the festivities.

National Truffle Day - Do you have any truffle digging pigs handy?  No?  Well, then I guess you will have to get them from the store like the rest of us.  Except me.  I see no reason why I should spend a lot of money on a fungus that I’m not going to eat anyway.  My husband and son, however, would devour them before I got them out of the shopping bag.

Kentucky Derby - A famous horse race held on the first Saturday in May every year.  It is a race of 2 kilometers for 3 year old Thoroughbreds and is considered to be the “Most Exciting two minutes in sports.” It has run every year since 1875.  It is the first race of three needed in order to win the Triple Crown.  A horse must win the Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes in order to win the Triple Crown.  I don’t know much about it, but I would assume that this is not something that happens too often.

International Scurvy Awareness Day - Now I know that all of you are thinking that scurvy was an illness that only sailors got way back when it took months to cross the ocean.  While it was a big issue with those of the seafaring trade, it is still an issue today in many places. All you need is 30 mg of Vitamin C a  day to keep it away, but there are a great many people in this world who don’t get that.  

World Naked Gardening Day - Celebrated on the first Saturday in May, this day is just what it appears to be.  It seems to have been created by nudists, but anyone who wants to is allowed to celebrate.  If you are brave enough, then do your weeding, pruning and planting while you are naked.  Although I can’t promise you won’t get a visit from the police.

Roberts Rule Of Order Day – Roberts Rules of Order is a book of procedural rules for any organization that wishes to adopt them. It was written by Brig. Gen. Henry Martyn Robert (born on this day in 1837) and originally published in 1876. Its’ eleventh edition was published in 2011. Brig. Gen. Robert wrote the book after experiencing great frustration when he discovered that there was no uniformity in rules and procedures within an organization.  He was involved in several organizations and in each one he found that members of the same organization, located in different areas of the country, had conflicting views regarding what the proper rules and procedures were and this conflict resulted in problems with the running of the organization. When organizations adopt Roberts Rules of Order, everyone is on the same page and work can be accomplished.

National Homebrew Day – I'm not sure if this is supposed to be celebrated today, the first Saturday in May, or on May 4th. I have found convincing evidence for both days. But what I am sure of is that it is a day for brewing your own beverages. Primarily beer, I am sure.

Free Comic Book Day – This is a great day for comic book lovers. On the first Saturday in May, participating comic books stores give away a free comic book to anyone who comes into their store. Check with your local comic book store to see if they participate.

Herb Day - This is an international day to celebrate herbs and herbal products.  The goal is to learn about them, make them a part of your life and share your knowledge with others.

National Scrapbooking Day – Begun in 1995 by Creative Memories and celebrated on the first Saturday in May, this is a day to work on all that scrapbooking that you've let pile up for the last few months or longer.

Childhood Stroke Awareness Day – Celebrated on the first Saturday in May, this is a day to highlight the dangers and warning signs of infant and child strokes. You don't generally think of people that age being in danger of having a stroke but it does happen and when it does, it is devastating.

Join Hands Day – Yet another day that is celebrated on the first Saturday in May, this one is a day that is about bringing together young people and adults to build trust and respect. This day was begun and is promoted by the American Fraternal Alliance.

To celebrate today, read Roberts Rules of Order so you are ready for your next organizational meeting.  Then, weed your herb and truffle garden naked before you go in for a good homebrew along with a tuna steak and citrus sauce while you watch the Kentucky Derby.  Then work on your scrapbook page about childhood stroke dangers before you join hands with your kids and take them to the comic book store.

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