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May 13, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Frog Jumping Day – I'm not sure where this day came from although I did find speculation that the idea originated from Mark Twain, if not the day itself. It is probably because of Mark Twain’s first successful story called “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog” which was published in 1865.  It is a day to either jump like a frog, or partake in frog jumping races.

Leprechaun Day – This is a day dedicated to these wonderful, Irish elves. See if you can find one today. If you do, don't let him go until he leads you to his pot of gold. Be careful because they are very tricky.

National Apple Pie Day – Celebrated today and on December 3rd, this is a day to revel in that delicious apple filling and that tender, flaky crust. Hmmmm, I can smell it now. It has consistently ranked at the top of the list on surveys asking people what their favorite dessert is. It is a dish that is older than the Pilgrims who colonized America so it is not really an American dish, but it has become one that is associated with all things American.

National Receptionist Day – Created by the National Receptionists Association and celebrated on the 2nd Wednesday in May, this is a day to celebrate the receptionists that work in almost every company in America.  When a customer walks in the door if the receptionist doesn't make a good impression on behalf of the company, many times that customer will walk back out again. They work hard to maintain the image of their company and to promote that company's capabilities.  This year, the NRA is working to make this an International celebration.  this year they are joining forces with the United Kingdom and Australia.

National Night Shift Workers Day – Another day celebrated on the second Wednesday in May. This is a day to honor those brave individuals who work at night and sleep during the day in order to keep the companies they work for operating 24 hours a day. I did it for one week when I was much younger and I thank God that I didn't have to do it any longer because I was exhausted. That is a danger that people who live this lifestyle face, perpetual exhaustion which can make doing everything much more dangerous.  You find night shift workers in many organizations.  The ones that comes to mind immediately are hospitals, police departments, paramedics and other health related industries although those are not, by any stretch of the imagination, all that there are.

Donate A Day's Wages To Charity – The second Wednesday in May is also a day to support charities. Consider donating a full day's wages to your favorite charity.  There is an organization called One Day’s Wages that is working to ease the extreme poverty that 1.4 billion people live with.  If you donate through them, they say that 100 percent of your donation will go toward the cause.  I encourage you to investigate whoever you decide to support so you can avoid falling victim to a scam.  

To celebrate today, have some apple pie and look for leprechauns while you jump like a frog with your kids.  Then call up the receptionist at your favorite organization and thank them for their hard work.  Next, donate a day’s wages to the charity of your choice before you call up a friend who works the night shift to wish them a happy night at work.  Just make sure it’s late enough that they are not still trying to sleep.

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