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May 5, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Teacher Appreciation Day - Celebrated on the Tuesday of Teacher Appreciation Week, this is a day to show your teacher(s) how much you appreciate what they do for you or your children.  I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding our educational system these days.  I hope that will be resolved in a manner that makes everyone happy very soon.  But regardless of how you feel about these issues, we need to show our teachers that they have our support and that we appreciate the fact that they have dedicated their lives to help our children to reach their fullest potential. Many times they go above and beyond what they are paid to do and frequently spend their own money and tons of extra time to make sure the kids have what they need.

National Hoagie Day – Hoagies are called different things in different parts of the country. But Domenic Vitiello, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who researched the matter, said that they originated in Philadelphia on Hog Island during World War I. The Professor credits Italians on this island for throwing different meats between slices of bread and discovering that it tastes great.

National Chocolate Custard Day – I have found numerous references to this particular food online.  Some people said it should be celebrated today, others said it should have been on May 3rd.  I chose to add it to both days because it’s chocolate custard!  Yum!  

International Day Of The Midwife – For several years now the theme for this day has been “The world needs midwives now more than ever!” Midwives have, I think, been around longer than doctors and have been an important resource for women giving birth to their babies.  The International Confederation of Midwives created this day in order to promote the need for midwives in your community.

Cinco de Mayo – This day commemorates the victory of the Mexican Army over France in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco – Mexican War. While it is not a big holiday in Mexico, in the United States, it has become a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.

Cartoonists Day – On this day in 1895, the first color cartoon was published. I don’t get a newspaper anymore but I remember that when I was a child I lived for the comics everyday and the big Sunday comic pages every week.  Then, we used to save them to use for wrapping paper when my husband and I were newly married and had no money for such luxuries.

World Asthma Day - Celebrated on the first Tuesday of May and organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma, this is a day to spread awareness of the symptoms and treatments for asthma around the world.  The theme for this year is once again, “You Can Control Your Asthma.”  Having asthma myself, I know this to be true.  I also know, however, that everyone’s asthma is different so it is easier for some to control than others.

Totally Chipotle Day – Chipotle is a flavor that is Mexican - Indian in origin, but it is rapidly becoming very popular in the United States as well. It is celebrated today to compliment Cinco de Mayo and honor its’ Mexican roots.

Childhood Depression Awareness Day – Researchers at Stanford are working very hard to find ways to prevent this disorder by conducting research studies. Depression among all age groups is on the rise but it is most alarming when it affects our children. This day is celebrated on the Tuesday of the first full week in May.

To celebrate today, read the comics in the paper before you take a chocolate custard to a teacher and a midwife near you as thank you gifts.  Then, honor your  Mexican heritage (or the Mexican heritage of someone you know) by putting chipotle on your hoagie for lunch.  Watch your children for signs of depression and do some research to find some good ways to control your asthma before you head for bed tonight.

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