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October 15, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Breast Health Day - This day was created by The European Breast Cancer Coalition in 2008 when they had a special launch event in Milan, Italy. The theme this year is “Make Good Choices For Your Breast Health Every Day.”  They want women to know that eating a well-balanced diet, maintaining a normal weight and getting physical exercise all help reduce the chances of breast cancer recurrence.

Conflict Resolution Day - Celebrated on the third Thursday of October, this is a day that was created in 2005 by ACR (Association for Conflict Resolution) in order to; promote creative and peaceful methods of resolving conflicts such as mediation, and arbitration; promote the use of conflict resolution techniques in families and just about every organization you can find; recognize the efforts of people who work to resolve conflicts peacefully; spread their message and techniques around the world.  This year they are holding a poetry contest.  Students are encouraged to submit to them a poem on “Building Peace.”

Global Handwashing Day - Believe it or not, even in this progressive country, there are an incredible number of people who do not regularly wash their hands.  This is the number one way to reduce the spread of diseases and it is so easy to do, so it’s hard to understand why people do not.  Then, of course, there are numerous other countries where the people don’t even have access to soap and clean water in order to wash their hands even if they know how important it is to do so.  This day was created in 2008 by the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing for the purpose of raising awareness of the benefits of handwashing with soap and spreading a culture of handwashing around the world. And no, this picture is not demonstrating proper the handwashing technique. The cat has neglected to use soap.

International Credit Union Day - Celebrated on the third Thursday in October ever since 1948, this is a day to recognize the achievements of credit unions around the world and give members a chance to get more involved.  There will be all sorts of different activities sponsored by credit unions such as fundraisers, contests, picnics, maybe even a few parades.

My Mom is a Student Day - This is a day for kids to support their mothers who have returned to school.  It certainly isn’t easy to balance being a student with taking care of a family and possibly even working full time.  So kids, if your mom is one of these, fix her lunch for her today and put a little note in it to let her know that you think she’s doing a good job.

National White Cane Safety Day - Celebrated since 1964, this is a day to celebrate all the achievements of blind or visually impaired people.  I have been thinking lately about how my life would be different if I were not able to see.  How hard it would be to do the simple things I take for granted now and how I would have to do almost everything differently.  The white cane is the visual symbol as well as a tool of independence for blind persons so keep your eyes out for them today and do everything you can to make their lives easier.

Sewing Lovers Day - This is a day for people who love to sew.  I couldn’t find out much about this day but it seems pretty self explanatory.  So celebrate by sewing something that makes you happy.

Spirit Day - Also celebrated on the third Thursday in October,  This day is a day to support LGBT youth and take a stand against bullying.  And let me be clear.  Supporting them does not mean that you agree with their lifestyle, as I know that many out there do not.  It does mean that you believe that whatever their lifestyle is, they should be able to live free from being bullied.  We all have choices to make in this life that we have been given. We can choose to be a person who builds people up and is supportive of those around you, or we can choose to be a person who pushes people down and makes those around you miserable.  I choose to be the former.

I Love Lucy Day – The first episode of this famous television sitcom aired on this day in 1951. I don't think there is an American over the age of 20 on this planet who hasn't at least heard of this series. I certainly loved Lucy, I bet you did too.

National Mushroom Day – This is a day to honor edible fungus. Doesn't sound so appetizing when you put it like that, does it? The men in my household love mushrooms. I tolerate them and will eat them when I’m a guest in someone’s home. My daughters absolutely hate them. But I suppose I could get some for my husband and son.

International Day of Rural Women – Created by the United Nations, this is an opportunity to recognize “the critical role and contribution of rural women, including indigenous women, in enhancing agricultural and rural development, improving food security and eradicating rural poverty.”  Who knew rural women had such an impact?  Do they know?  Let’s spread the news so rural women can feel more empowered and realize that everyone can make a positive difference in this world.

National Grouch Day – This is a day to celebrate your inner grouch. Everyone needs to be grouchy now and then, so release your normal inhibitions and let your misery take over just for today so you can share it with the world.

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day – This is a day to spread awareness among the Latino community about the symptoms of HIV/AIDS and the best way to protect yourself from being infected or spreading your infection to others.

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day – This is a day to show love and support to the many women who have lost a baby either through miscarriage or in infancy. I cannot even imagine anything more devastating than losing a beloved child so if you know someone who has gone through this, reach out to them today and make sure they feel your support.

White Cane Safety Day – Proclaimed by the President of the United States each and every year beginning with President Lyndon B. Johnson, this is a day to recognize the importance of the white cane as an instrument of independence for blind people. But however much independence the cane affords them, we have to help by remembering that they still cannot see you driving down the road so you have to be vigilant on their behalf and not run them over if they step into the road in front of you.

National Roast Pheasant Day – Pheasant can be a little bit hard to find in the grocery store, but you need to track one down and roast it today.  You will not regret it.  I assure you that it is delicious if you cook it just right and with the internet at our fingertips, I know you will have no trouble finding a great recipe.  If your husband is as good a cook as mine is, get him to cook it for you and you’ll have no worries.

Information Overload Day – Celebrated by some on different days, this is a day to back away from the information that bombards us all day long from a plethora of sources. We can't seem to escape it no matter where we are and sometimes it gets to be too much. Shut off your computers, televisions, radios and cell phones. Do not leave your house for a while and just bask in the silence.

National Chicken Cacciatore Day – This is definitely a fowl day today because in addition to the pheasant, you will be making chicken cacciatore, a delicious dish that originated in central Italy.  Cacciatore means “Hunter’s style” and the dish was developed sometime after the year 1450.  Even then, hunters didn’t generally hunt chickens so this can probably be made with other meats as well.

Get to Know Your Customers Day – This is the fourth Get to Know Your Customers Day for the year. It is celebrated on the third Thursday of each quarter.  Use the opportunity to find out what your customers need so that you can be better prepared to provide it.

Get Smart About Credit Day – This is a day for bankers to reach out to their communities by going to the high schools and colleges and teaching the kids about budgeting, using credit cards wisely and building a good credit history. This is always celebrated on a weekday in October but is not on a regular schedule like most days so we have to wait until it is announced every year.  Bankers are encouraged to host events to celebrate this day anytime in the fall so you may see some things going on at your local bank on other days.

To celebrate today, watch for anyone with a white cane while you are out and about finding rural women to wish a happy day to.  Stop at your local Credit Union to ask questions about your credit before you go home and fix lunch for your Mom before she goes to school.  Then, take some customers to lunch and talk about how to resolve any conflicts you might have.  Make sure you wash your hands before you eat. Then, check in with anyone you know who has lost an infant or had a miscarriage to tell them that you love them. Get your breasts checked to make sure you are healthy then sew something you love and give it to a LGBT person you know to show them you support them.  Do some research on the Latino issue with HIV/AIDS and watch I Love Lucy reruns. Then you can shut off all of your technology and let your inner grouch out while you make roast pheasant and chicken cacciatore with mushrooms for dinner.

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