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October 5, 2015

Today we celebrate:

National Storytelling Day - This is a day for celebrating the ancient practice of storytelling.  People have been telling stories for thousands of years.  In the past, it was the primary way that news was spread from region to region because they didn’t have newspapers and books were rare.  We still tell stories to entertain each other and to share news via television news shows.

International Day of No Prostitution - This day was created by Anti-prostitution feminists and is to spread their message of the destructive nature of prostitution to women.  Very few women become prostitutes because they want to.  The overwhelming majority are forced into it by people or circumstances that they cannot escape on their own, and far too many don’t see a way out of their situation.

World Architecture Day - This day is also celebrated on July 1st, but in 1996 it was moved to the first Monday in October by the International Union of Architects.  Not everyone agrees with the change so it is celebrated twice. The theme we are focused on this year is “Architecture, Building, Climate.”  Architects have to be involved in plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because they need to design or remodel environmentally friendly buildings.

International Blessings of the Fishing Fleet Day - I couldn’t find out much about today but it seems to be a coastal celebration around the world where priests bless fishing fleets in the hopes that they will have a productive and safe year for fishing.

National Apple Betty Day – This was something we would have for dessert all the time when I was a kid. I think I need to make it more often for my kids. There's a recipe here that looks pretty good.

World Teachers Day – There are Teacher's Days that are localized and celebrated in different countries at different times (mostly because they are honoring the birth of someone specific to their area), but this is the only Worldwide Teacher's Day. If you know any teachers personally, give them a call today.

Do Something Nice Day – This is a day to be nice to someone without being asked to. This does not count as me asking you to. You need to do it because you want to. This is sometimes called a random act of kindness or paying it forward. Call it what you want, just do it long as you want to.

World Day of Bullying Prevention / Blue Shirt Day - Celebrated on the first Monday in October, this is a day to stomp out bullying. Wear a blue shirt today to show solidarity to those who are being bullied and to spread the news that this behavior needs to stop.
Child Health Day – This is a day dedicated to protecting the health of the children of the United States. It is always celebrated on the first Monday of October.

World Habitat Day – This is also celebrated on the first Monday of October and is for the purpose of reminding the world that habitats are of vital importance whether they are for humans or animals. Many countries in the world have poor habitats for humans and fundraising events are happening today to raise money for poor communities around the world.

To celebrate today, wear a blue shirt and head to the coast to watch priests bless fishing boats.  Then do something nice and take a teacher out for dinner and tell them a story about a woman who was forced to be a prostitute and then escaped that life and became an architect.  Tonight make sure your kids are healthy before you take them out to examine the animal habitats in your backyard.  Then it’s apple betty for dessert.

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