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October 16, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Learn a Word Day - This is a fairly simple day to celebrate.  All you have to do is learn a new word.  If you are a Reader’s Digest fan, you already know about the Word Power section where I always find at least 2 words that are new to me.  So this should be pretty easy.

National Dictionary Day – On this day in 1758, Noah Webster was born. Mr. Webster, of course, was a teacher, author, rabid speller and the creator of the dictionary. Happy Birfday Mr. Webster! Wait, how do you spell that again? I guess I'll have to look it up.  This day fits in very nicely with Learn a Word Day, doesn’t it?

World Student Day - Created by the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, this is a day for everyone to pray for students all over the world, particularly ones that are facing difficult circumstances.

National Cut Up Your Credit Card Day - This day comes just in time for the holiday season.  It was created by James E. Stowers and is intended to help consumers by making them less reliant on plastic for their holiday shopping.  Use cash or debit cards this season and only buy what you can afford to pay for.  That way, come January, you won’t have a mountain of debt that you will have to try to figure out how to pay.

National Department Store Day - This is a day to celebrate brick and mortar department stores.  Not the online shopping that is so common these days.  These are the places you can go to actually touch the merchandise before you buy it and bring it home so that you can make an informed decision about whether it is right for you or someone else.  You can try on the clothes, look at the color, match the color with something if needed.  Holiday shopping is almost upon us (except for the early birds who are just about done) and the stores have probably already started putting out the holiday decorations.  

National Liqueur Day - A Liqueur is a strong alcoholic beverage that has been flavored in some way with spices or fruits or such.  It used to be used for medicine back in the day...well, many days as that form of medicine was used for hundreds of years or more.

National Mammography Day - Celebrated on the third Friday in October, this is a day for women to realize how important a mammogram is to their health. I just had mine not too long ago, if you are due for a mammogram, make sure you schedule it today.

World Spine Day - This is a day to spread knowledge of how to keep your back in good shape to keep good spinal health and to prevent injuries at work or home. The theme this year is “Your Back At Work.”  I think most of us have experienced having back problems at one time or another.  Hopefully for most of you they were quickly resolved through stretching, a chiropractic adjustment or medication. If not, you know how debilitating the pain can be.  So let’s all learn how to keep our backs healthy and in good working order.

Boss's Day (or National Boss's Day) – This is a day to celebrate your Boss. Maybe give them a small, tasteful gift, or invite them out for lunch, or simply wish them a Happy Day today.  This day has been celebrated since 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski selected it to honor her boss at the Illinois State Farm Insurance Company.  Her boss also happened to be her father and this was his birthday.

National Feral Cat Day – Created in 2001 by the Alley Cat Allies, this is a day to raise awareness about feral cats. Many feral cats are cared for by people who worry about their well being. Whenever possible, many people try to capture them, neuter them and then return them to their territories if they are not good candidates for adoption.

World Food DayOn this day in 1945, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations was founded. The goal of this organization is to work to eradicate hunger in the world. Most hunger is not because of a lack of food in the world, but a lack of access to resources needed to thrive.

To celebrate today, start out with a prayer for all the students of the world, then cut up your credit card so you are not tempted to use it when you go out to the store to start your holiday shopping.  Get a little gift of food and liqueur for your boss and call to schedule your mammography (or a mammography for your wife). Do some stretching to keep your spine healthy and then use your dictionary to find out what feral really means before you try to explain it to your children.

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