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October 7, 2015

Today we celebrate:

Bathtub Day - Bathtubs were first introduced in England in 1828, according to my sources but I couldn’t find out what day in 1828 so I don’t know for sure why this day was chosen for celebrations.  In any case, it is a day to laze about in your bathtub enjoying a long, warm soak.  Maybe put out some candles and wine and use some bubbles or aromatic oils in  the water as well.  Relax and enjoy.

International Walk To School Day - This is a day that began in Great Britain in 1994 and spread around the world in the ensuing years.  Every community that celebrates has a different goal they wish to accomplish.  Some are rallying for safer streets, some for healthy lifestyle changes, some wish to help the environment by using less fuel.  Regardless of the reason, this is a day to walk to school.  Clearly if your children are young, you should walk with them.  Millions of walkers celebrate this day every year.

National Flower Day - On this day in 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the bill that named the rose as the National flower of the United States. So your task today is to do something with flowers.  Not necessarily roses, any flower will do.

National Kale Day - Kale is a superfood because it is chock full of vitamins and nutrients. We like to eat it wilted in a drizzle of flavored olive oil or in a stir fry, but there are lots of ways to eat it.  I’m new to kale, I was always afraid to try it because I thought it would taste nasty.  But I was pleasantly surprised and now I grow some in my garden every summer.

Random Acts of Poetry Day - This is celebrated on the first Wednesday of October and is about sharing your poetry with the public by taking some chalk and writing your poem in public places like sidewalks, chalk boards, or writing it on paper and pinning it to a bulletin board somewhere.  Be creative, but not destructive.  No permanent markers or knife gouging in park benches.

National Frappe Day – This is a beverage that is chilled or frozen. We usually see it in a coffee beverage but it doesn't have to be. Frappe whatever you would like to drink today.

You Matter To Me DayThis is a day to make sure that everyone knows that they matter. Make sure you tell this to the people you love. It could make a big difference in their lives. Celebrated for the last four years, we shouldn’t need a special day to remember to do this, but sadly, many of us get caught up in our day to day lives and forget to make sure our loved ones know how we feel.

Balloons Around The World Day – This is a day to spread smiles around the world. Balloon artists all over the globe will participate in twisting balloons into a variety of wonderful shapes and giving them to people. Everyone loves balloon animals. I have a friend who is quite good at making a plethora of different balloon animals so I will inform him of the need to make a whole lot of them today.  I’m sure he will be delighted. This day is celebrated on the first Wednesday in October.

Emergency Nurses Day – Celebrated on the Wednesday of the first full week in October, this is a day to honor the dedicated and hardworking nurses who work in our Emergency Rooms. Our health system would not work without them.

To celebrate today, walk your child to school before you go share kale frappes, balloon animals, and flowers with everyone who matters to you.  Stop in at your local hospital and leave papers with your poems on them for the emergency nurses to find.  Finish up the day with a long, lazy soak in your bathtub.

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