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July 11, 2016

Today we celebrate:

National Swimming Pool Day - If you own or have access to a swimming pool, this is a day for you. Hang out at the pool all day, go swimming, wear sunscreen, eat snacks and just relax. You deserve it. Invite some friends over if that will help you relax, if not then just keep it to yourself.

International Town Criers Day – This day is celebrated on the second Monday in July. Town crying is an old tradition. There are not too many of them around anymore in this day of instant connections. A town crier is an officer of the court who makes public announcements for the court. In the old days (18th century), they had a dress code of a red and gold robe, white breeches, black boots and a tricorne hat. They would ring a bell and shout, “Oyez, Oyez, Oyez” (which means “hear ye”) and then when they had everyone's attention, they would announce the important news of the court. We don't use this method anymore, I think most courts publish information in the newspaper or maybe they ‘tweet’ it. However, their job was very important in their day and they deserve recognition.

National Mojito Day - A Mojito is a cold, summer appropriate beverage consisting of mint, tonic  or seltzer, lime, rum and sugar. I’m sure there are other variations as well. It is served over ice and is said to be very refreshing.

All-American Pet Photo Day - This is a day to take some creative and fun pictures of your pet. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal your pet is, although I do recommend you don’t take swimming photos with your bird (unless it’s a duck) or rock climbing photos with your fish. Make it appropriate to your pet’s species, we don’t want anyone dying to celebrate this day. If your pet will tolerate the indignity of it, you could even dress it up in a cute outfit.

Bowdler's Day – Thomas Bowdler was born on this day in 1754. He was an English physician and a philanthropist who published The Family Shakespeare for modern women and children (of the time). It was supposed to be more understandable than the original versions of Shakespeare’s plays although if today’s children read his version, they would probably not find it any easier to understand.  

Cheer Up The Lonely Day – This is a day to seek out those who are lonely and do your best to cheer them up in any way you can.  Be creative, be compassionate, and most important of all, be cheerful.

Day Of The Five Billion or World Population Day – On this day in 1987, the world had reached a population of five billion people according to the United Nations Population Fund. We have now surpassed 7 billion people.  

Slurpee Day or 7-Eleven Day – On this day every year, 7-Eleven gives out free slurpees. Make sure you get yours today.

National Rainier Cherries Day – Rainier cherries are a cross between Bing and Van cherries.  They are named after Mount Rainier because they were first developed in the state of Washington.  I don't know much about cherries since I'm not a big fan of them. If you are, check out your local top restaurants because there is bound to be at least one that will have a delicious cherry dessert to celebrate today.

National Blueberry Muffin Day – Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits. I love to go blueberry picking every year and make muffins with the fresh berries. Since yesterday was Pick Blueberries Day, you are sure to have a bunch at home now so you can make this with fresh blueberries. Although it’s really good with frozen berries as well.

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