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July 20, 2016

Today we celebrate:

International Chess Day - Celebrated on this day since 1966, it was created by FIDE which is the International Chess Organization that was founded in 1924. They want everyone to know that chess is the best game ever to play. If you haven’t learned how, you should. If you have kids, you should teach them. It’s a game that involves strategy, and lots of deep thought to plan every move.

Nap Day - Who doesn’t love to take a nap? Probably no one on the planet except for toddlers who REALLY need a nap but are afraid they will miss something fun. I love to take a nap but are rarely in a position to actually do so. I look forward to retirement just so I can take a nap now and then when I want to.

National Fortune Cookie Day - American Chinese Food would be Chinese Food without the Fortune Cookies. I love fortune cookies. I can’t eat them any more, but I will still read my fortune. Sometimes you get something silly, but other times you can get a fortune that gives you something to ponder. Have any of you gotten a fortune that you still remember?

Take Your Poet To Work Day - This seems like an odd thing to celebrate. What if your favorite poet doesn’t want to go to work with you? Well, in that case, cut out a picture of your favorite poet, color it if necessary, glue it to a stick and off to work you go. We celebrate this day on the third Wednesday in July.

International Cake Day - Begun in 2011 by “The Kingdom of Love” which is a friendship community consisting of artists such as chefs, musicians, painters and more. This is a day to celebrate friendship and love by doing what I love to do and making creative and unusual cakes. I do this for my children for their birthdays and for a select few other occasions or people but not often because it is very time consuming. Their theme this year is “Time Travel” so let’s see you post some pictures of some cakes made with that theme in mind.

National Lollipop Day – Everybody loves a lollipop. It doesn't seem to matter how old you are, they make you feel young again.

Moon Day – This is the sixth annual celebration of space exploration. Find an observatory or museum near you and see if they have any special events, exhibits, and activities today. This day honors the first time man walked on the moon way back in 1969.

Ugly Truck Day – Although there is some disagreement about whether this day is celebrated today or June 20th, it seemed that the most reliable looking information I found put it on this day. If you have an ugly, old truck sitting in your yard rusting slowly into nothingness, this is the day for you. If it will run, take it out for a drive and show it off today. If it won't run, take a picture of it and show it to everyone you meet. Maybe you can join an ugly truck competition today. Depending on where you live you probably won't have to look too hard in order to find one.

National Hot Dog Day - The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council in the United States designated this day as National Hot Dog Day. They give advice on hot dog eating etiquette (who knew there was hot dog eating etiquette?) and encourage the nation to have special hot dog eating contests and family friendly activities like face painting and wiener dog races in order to celebrate. And, of course, eat hot dogs. This day is celebrated on the third Wednesday in July except for years when July 1st is a Wednesday. In that case, we celebrate on the fourth Wednesday in July. NOTE: I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THIS IS INCORRECT. THE NATIONAL HOT DOG & SAUSAGE COUNCIL FACEBOOK PAGE ACTUALLY SAYS THAT WE WERE TO CELEBRATE ON JULY 14TH. MY APOLOGIES FOR ANY CONFUSION.

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