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July 23, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Hot Enough For Ya Day - For those of us melting in the middle of summer, this is a day to talk about and possibly complain about the weather. For some, it is never too hot, for others 80 degrees and up is just too hot. I tend to be one of the later. I prefer colder weather because I like to bundle up. I don’t like to sweat just sitting around my house.

National Day Of The Cowboy – Founded by the American Cowboy magazine in 2004, this is a day to promote our cowboy history and protect our Western heritage. I didn’t know there was an American Cowboy magazine. I’ll have to check it out. This day is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of July, which is not the same thing as the last Saturday in July as the previous couple of days. So every now and then, they will fall on a different Saturday so you’ll have to pay attention.

National Drowning Prevention Day - I haven’t found a lot of recent information on this day. I did find an old site from nearly ten years ago that named this day for celebrations by teaching your children what to do if they fall into the pool or pond or some other body of water. Even small children can be taught to roll over and float until someone can come and save them. You can also start teaching them how to swim at any age, they are never too young as long as they have constant supervision and you have lots of patience. Fencing your pool is a fantastic idea, but not everyone does that and not all bodies of water are fenced, so keep an eye on your kids as much as possible, and teach them how to save themselves for those times when you just have to sleep and they decide to have an adventure.

Batman Day - This day was created two years ago by DC Entertainment to honor Batman’s 75th Anniversary. It is an opportunity for fans to dress up as Batman on a day besides Halloween. This day was celebrated last year by comic book stores and other smallish books stores all over. If you inquire at your favorite comic book store, they might be doing something to celebrate this year as well even though it is his 77th Anniversary.

International Yada Yada Yada Day  - This is a Seinfeld day. If you’re a fan, no explanation is needed. If you’re not, I’m not sure I have enough space in this blog to explain. You’ll have to watch a few old episodes and then, yada yada’ll understand.

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day – Some consider vanilla ice cream to be a rather bland and boring flavor, but I disagree. I love it because it can be paired with almost anything. I personally like to mix vanilla ice cream and butterscotch pudding.

Gorgeous Grandma Day – This is a day to give your gorgeous grandma a call and maybe even a visit if you can. Grandmas are precious. Sometimes you don't even realize how precious they are until they are gone. You never know how much time you have left with yours. Don't waste a moment of it.

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