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July 3, 2016

Today we celebrate:

National Chocolate Wafer Day – A crispy, waffley kind of cookie layered with a sweet, creamy, chocolatey filling. I'm making myself hungry again.

Compliment Your Mirror Day – On this day your job is to look into your mirror and compliment it for having such an amazing, talented, and beautiful/handsome owner. In addition, you must look at every mirror you encounter today and make sure it smiles at you.

National Eat Beans Day - This is a day to explore the many varieties of beans that are available to add protein to our meals. They are especially important to vegetarians because they are a great source of protein but we can probably all benefit from their health benefits.

Stay Out Of The Sun Day - This is a day to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun by simply staying out of it. Enjoy whatever shade you find because it goes a long way to keeping us cool when air conditioning is not available.

Disobedience Day – There are times when disobedience is necessary to right something that is very wrong. A good example would be the Civil Disobedience protests led by Martin Luther King, Jr. Without them, we might still be living in a segregated society where people of color are openly and actively persecuted with no legal recourse. Peaceful disobedience is an excellent way to fight against unjust laws/rules and create change in your society.

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