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October 12, 2016

Today we celebrate:

National Stop Bullying Day - We just celebrated World Bullying Day a few days ago. This one is just for the U.S. but the idea is still the same. Teach children how to recognize a bullying situation, what to do when you see someone being bullied and how to take a stand against someone who is acting like a bully. This day is celebrated on the second Wednesday in October.

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day - Celebrated for the last seven years, this is a day to get your pet's weight checked. Obesity can be a big problem for pets, it shortens their lifespan and makes it very difficult for them to get around. If you have an obese pet, make a plan to get their weight under control. This day is celebrated on the second Wednesday in October every year.

Emergency Nurses Day - This day began in Australia in 1989 and has since spread around the world. It is a day to honor the Emergency Room Nurses in Hospitals all over the world who dedicate their lives to helping the injured and sick people who desperately need their compassionate care. Many of the emergency room patients are badly hurt, in pain and afraid and it takes a special person to face that every day and be cheerful and caring, especially in circumstances where the person cannot be saved. We celebrate this day on the second Wednesday of October.

Cookbook Launch Day - If you have a cookbook prepared, whether you are a school or church group, club or some other organization that is doing it for a fundraiser, or if you do this for a living, today is the day to launch it into the public. It’s also a good reason to buy a new cookbook and find some new recipes to try. I’m not sure of the origins of this day but in my opinion, you can’t have too many cookbooks. Especially when you are trying to find just the right recipe that uses ingredients you already have and don’t need to shop for.

World Arthritis Day - The theme for this year’s World Arthritis Day is “It’s in your hands, take action.” They wish to raise awareness of the rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) and to encourage people to take action and make a positive difference to the quality of life of people afflicted with these diseases.

UN Spanish Language Day - Established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, this is a day to honor Spanish, one of the six official languages of the organization.

Freethought Day – This day is observed by freethinkers as the anniversary of the “effective” end of the Salem Witch Trials. This was basically when rational thought finally began to overcome the hysteria of the times and the people in power began to demand more concrete evidence before condemning an accused person.

Old Farmer’s Day – This day honors the hard work of past and present farmers in America. Farmers are the backbone of this country. Without them, our cities could not exist because everyone would need to spread out and own enough land to farm enough to feed their own families.

National Gumbo Day – I'm not sure where this dish was first created, but it's a pretty sure thing that the folks down in Louisiana have perfected it. This dish has a variety of ingredients including okra, some kind of meat and shellfish.

National Fossil Day – Celebrated on Wednesday of the second full week in October, this is a day to promote the finding and study of fossils. Fossils help us to understand our Earth's history, we can learn a great deal from these remnants of animals past.

Stop America’s Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Today - Also celebrated on the second Wednesday of October, this is a day created by the American Medical Association Alliance. Today physician’s spouses all across the country band together to work to reduce violence by having events that include working with schools or other kinds of children’s groups.

National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day – Celebrated on the second Wednesday in October, this is a day to embrace the stress-relief and joy associated with teddy bears for people of all ages. I certainly love to hug an adorable stuffed bear just as much as my children always did.

International Top Spinning DayThis is a day for spinning tops. There is actually a museum dedicated to spinning tops and yo-yo's in Burlington, Wisconsin. Who'd have imagined it. People all over the world participate in this special day which is celebrated on the second Wednesday in October.

National Take Your Parents To Lunch DayCelebrated on a Wednesday in October, this is a day to take your parents out to lunch and enjoy an afternoon with them. If you get along with your parents, this will be a great day. If you do not, it will be torturous. Good luck with it. Some schools celebrate this day by inviting parents to come and have lunch in the school cafeteria with their children.

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