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October 5, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Balloons Around The World Day – This is a day to spread smiles around the world. Balloon artists all over the globe will participate in twisting balloons into a variety of wonderful shapes and giving them to people. Everyone loves balloon animals. I have a friend who is quite good at making a plethora of different balloon animals so I will inform him of the need to make a whole lot of them today. I’m sure he will be delighted. This day is celebrated on the first Wednesday in October.

National Kale Day - Kale is a superfood because it is chock full of vitamins and nutrients. We like to eat it wilted in a drizzle of flavored olive oil or in a stir fry, but there are lots of ways to eat it. I’m new to kale, I was always afraid to try it because I thought it would taste nasty.  But I was pleasantly surprised and now I grow some in my garden every summer.

Random Acts of Poetry Day - This is celebrated on the first Wednesday of October and is about sharing your poetry with the public by taking some chalk and writing your poem in public places like sidewalks, chalk boards, or writing it on paper and pinning it to a bulletin board somewhere. Be creative, but not destructive. No permanent markers or knife gouging in park benches.

Fast of Gedaliah – This is a Jewish fast day that begins at dawn and ends at dusk. They are remembering the assassination of the governor of Judah named Gedaliah by a Judean named Yishmael Ben Netaniah and several cohorts a few thousand years ago.

National Storytelling Day - This is a day for celebrating the ancient practice of storytelling. People have been telling stories for thousands of years. In the past, it was the primary way that news was spread from region to region because they didn’t have newspapers and books were rare. We still tell stories to entertain each other and to share news via television news shows.

World Teachers Day – There are Teacher's Days that are localized and celebrated in different countries at different times (mostly because they are honoring the birth of someone specific to their area), but this is the only Worldwide Teacher's Day. If you know any teachers personally, give them a call today.

International Day of No Prostitution - This day was created by Anti-prostitution feminists and is to spread their message of the destructive nature of prostitution to women. Very few women become prostitutes because they want to. The overwhelming majority are forced into it by people or circumstances that they cannot escape on their own, and far too many don’t see a way out of their situation.

National Apple Betty Day – This was something we would have for dessert all the time when I was a kid. I think I need to make it more often for my kids. There's a recipe here that looks pretty good.

Do Something Nice Day – This is a day to be nice to someone without being asked to. This does not count as me asking you to. You need to do it because you want to. This is sometimes called a random act of kindness or paying it forward. Call it what you want, just do it long as you want to.

International Walk To School Day - This is a day that began in Great Britain in 1994 and spread around the world in the ensuing years. Every community that celebrates has a different goal they wish to accomplish. Some are rallying for safer streets, some for healthy lifestyle changes, some wish to help the environment by using less fuel. Regardless of the reason, this is a day to walk to school. Clearly if your children are young, you should walk with them. Millions of walkers celebrate this day every year. It appears to be celebrated on the first Wednesday of October.

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