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October 4, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Kanelbullens Dag (Cinnamon Roll Day) - This is a Swedish celebration that is worthy of being a world wide day, in my opinion. Melt in your mouth cinnamon buns began to be celebrated with their own day in Sweden when the Swedish Home Baking Council celebrated its’ 40th Anniversary of operations and created this day. I can smell them already.

National Golf Day - There are several golf days sprinkled throughout the year because people love to golf. This one seems to be sponsored by the PGA since 1952 and many courses will have special events and direct proceeds to charities.

National Ships-in-Bottles Day - This is a day to appreciate the amazing works of art that Ships in Bottles are. I have no idea how much patience it takes to painstakingly assemble a ship, piece by piece in a bottle, but I know that I do not possess nearly enough of it. This day was chosen for the celebration because it is the birthday of the first President of The Ships-In-Bottles Association of America, Jack Hinkley.

eDay - This is a New Zealand day attempting to raise awareness of the dangers of electronic waste to the environment. We need to stop throwing our electronic devices into landfills and instead recycle them to be made into other electronic devices. There are chemicals in these devices that are seeping into our groundwater and being ingested by people, animals and plants and they are causing some potentially serious problems that could cost billions of dollars to fix in the future if we don’t stop it now.

The Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi – The Patron Saint of animals, the environment and a Co-patron Saint of Italy. This is the day after the anniversary of his death in 1226. After growing up wealthy, and converting to a life of poverty and preaching, he began his own religious order which was eventually endorsed by Pope Innocent III in 1210.

Blessing of The Animals Day – This day coincides with the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi because of his love for all animals. So take your animals to a local Catholic church for their blessing today. And if you bring an elephant, you have to send me a picture of the ensuing spectacle!

World Animal Day - Also celebrated in conjunction with the aforementioned Feast Day, this is a day to take some kind of action on behalf of animals all over the world. Animals have rights too and we need to be mindful of their welfare.

National Taco Day – A taco is the Mexican version of a sandwich. A tortilla wrapped around a filling of beef, pork or fish. There are countless variations on the taco so feel free to come up with your own. You don’t need to go by what Taco Bell puts in it and it doesn’t matter if your tortilla is a hard shell or a soft flour or corn tortilla. You can even make a breakfast taco with eggs and cheese and bacon.  

Improve Your Office Day – On this day, office workers all around the world are required to clean up, organize and decorate in order to make their work environment clean and safe and it wouldn't hurt for it to be healthy either so make sure you use disinfectant on phones, keyboards, mice, desks and anything else people touch regularly. I know it’s a Sunday this year but this is a project that is worth going to work on a Sunday for.

Ten-Four Day – This is the fourth day of the tenth month and is a day of recognition for those radio operators who use the code words “ten-four” instead of the word “yes” on the radio. Do not ask me why radio operators need these code words, I do not have the answer for that.

National Vodka Day – The word comes from the Russian word “voda” which means “water”. This was traditionally a European drink and didn't become popular in the United States until after World War II. It is a very potent drink with a high alcohol volume so be careful when you drink it.

International Toot Your Flute Day – This is a day to brag, brag, brag. Don't be shy about telling everyone how great you are and all of the awesome, wonderful things you can do! Toot your own flute because no one can do it better since no one knows you like you do.

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