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October 22, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Make A Difference Day – This is a day that is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of October, and is a day to make a difference in someone's a good way. I figured that I probably better throw that last part in there just in case there was a question in your mind. Think about what you can do to make someone’s life better today.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day – This is a day to promote the truth about pit bulls. Pit bulls have a very bad image these days but the truth is that not all pit bulls are as vicious as the ones you hear about on the news. Most of them are wonderful family dogs who would never hurt anyone. Do your research and find out the truth before you make any decisions about them.

Eat A Pretzel Day - I’m not sure where this day came from but it seems easy enough to celebrate. Just eat a pretzel. If you are gluten free, you can still celebrate. There are some really delicious gluten free pretzels in most grocery stores.

Clean Up The Earth Day - This day falls six months after Earth Day and is a day to clean up the earth.  So take a walk and take a bag with you to pick up garbage on the way. Even a few minutes will help.

Smart is Cool Day - This is a day to celebrate intelligence by teaching your children that it is cool to be smart. There are lots of kids books out there about this subject so read one to your kids today. You could also point out to them some really cool people that they look up to that are also very smart.

National Color Day - Colors can have an amazing effect on our moods and attitude. Research which colors would suit the mood you would like to have at home and at work and get busy painting or picking out what you are going to wear with those colors.

Wombat Day - First celebrated in 2005, this day was created to honor the amazing and intelligent wombat. We celebrate by eating lots and lots of chocolate and Wine Gums. I have no idea what Wine Gums are but on this website, it says that they can be found in shops that sell British or imported foods. If you do not have easy access to such a place, you may substitute gummy candies or Swedish fish. I’m not sure why these are good wombat celebrating foods, perhaps they are part of the wombat diet?  

National Nut Day – This says it's a National day, but it should be an International day because there are many countries that celebrate this day by exchanging an unhealthy protein like burgers with the more healthy protein in nuts. If you are allergic, you should absolutely give this day a pass.

Knee Day - I couldn’t find out much about this day but it looks like a day to be aware of how easy it is to injure your knees. Without our knees in good working order, moving around is pretty difficult so take care to exercise the muscles that hold them in place to keep them strong, and walk carefully. If your knees are bothering you, see a doctor who specializes in knees to see what can be done to fix them. Technology and medicine have come a long way and sometimes it is possible to fix you right up so the pain stops.


International Stuttering Awareness Day – Today we raise awareness of the speech disorder known as stuttering or stammering. Approximately 1% of the world's population struggles with this disorder. The most important thing to be aware of is that it is not something that stutterers can control and it is NOT funny. Just be patient people, everyone deserves the time to express their thoughts any way they can.

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