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October 19, 2016

Today we celebrate:

Dress Like A Dork Day - While I am sure that no one out there dresses like a dork on a regular basis, we all have those days when we just don’t care about matching. Well, ok, maybe that’s just me. In any case, today is a day for everyone to dress unfashionably, mix it up a bit, wear argyle socks with plaid pants, suspenders and don’t forget the enormous glasses taped together so they don’t fall apart.

New Friends Day - You can never have too many friends, in my humble opinion. While I certainly would never suggest you get rid of old friends unless the relationship has become toxic to you, you should always keep an open mind and open heart to welcome in new friends that you could meet at any moment.

World Pediatric Bone and Joint (PB&J) Day - This is a day to bring awareness to a problem that I, for one, never really give much thought to. Children can have a plethora of problems with bones and joints just like adults, and if they are not taken care of it can affect their growth. So today is a day to focus on the musculoskeletal health of children and bring awareness to parents and doctors of the treatments that are available to help them.

Evaluate Your Life Day – This is a day to look at your life very carefully. Are you working toward achieving your goals, are you a good person, are you depressed and need to make some positive changes? Be brutally honest with yourself and be prepared to change things that need to be changed.

National Seafood Bisque Day – Creamy and delicious. If you are a seafood fan, try your hand at making some today.

Hagfish Day - I’m not sure why we have a day for this. A hagfish is a creepy looking fish that has no bones, no scales and no jaw. It looks sort of like an eel, but uglier. It’s a day that has been celebrated since 2009 for the purpose of getting children to realize that even unattractive animals have a place in our ecosystem. They have a point, I guess. Most science programs do focus on the cuter or more interesting looking animals and even a hagfish, that oozes slime through the pores in their skin in order to smother prey and escape from predators, has a place in our world. By the way, if you think that’s gross, you should look up how they eat. I’m too disgusted to write about it. I believe we celebrate this on the third Monday in October.

Rainforest Day - This is a day to recognise how very important rainforests are to the climate of the entire world. The Amazon alone creates more than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen supply. The rainforests are dwindling at an alarming rate because of logging and farming. We have to work to raise awareness and try to save them before it’s too late. I understand the plight of the farmers, they are trying their best to make a living to support their families. But everyone needs to understand that the fate of the world is at stake here.

Medical Assistants Recognition Day – Celebrated on the Wednesday of the third full week in October, this is a day to recognize the hard work that medical assistants perform every day. Doctors and nurses rely on them every day.

National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day - Celebrated on the third Wednesday in October, this is a day to honor the organization that works the hardest to promote local businesses in your area. That would be your local Chamber of Commerce. If you are a local business, contact your Chamber of Commerce and join it today. Otherwise, maybe you could stop in with a small gift so everyone knows you appreciate the work they do for your community.

Unity Day – Today is a day to wear orange to show that you care about children who are being bullied and you want to show them that you support them and want to help end bullying. Different countries celebrate this day at all different times. This day seems to be celebrated on the third Wednesday in October.

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