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June 12, 2014

Is your nest empty or crowded?  Which is your preference?  Right now my nest is pretty crowded and I can't remember what an empty one feels like.  Is a house with only newlyweds living in it even considered a nest yet?  Is it an empty nest waiting to be filled?  

While I'm waiting for answers to these important questions, we can celebrate:

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day – One of my daughter's favorite cookies. She'll be happy to celebrate this day.

Red Rose Day – This is a day to enjoy red roses, our symbol of love. This day was probably chosen for this particular celebration because it is also Loving Day.

Loving Day – On this day in 1967, the US Supreme Court case Loving vs. Virginia was decided. The Justices declared that laws banning interracial marriage were not legal. While this day is not a federally recognized holiday, there is a movement afoot to convince the President to make it so. The Supreme Court case came about when Mildred & Richard Loving, an interracial couple, married in Washington D.C. When they returned to their hometown of Richmond, Virginia, they were arrested for “cohabiting as man and wife, against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth.” And the rest is history.

Crowded Nest Awareness Day – This is a day for your empty nest to refill. Adult children come home for many reasons, the difficulty economy being a big one. Or maybe you're parents have moved in with you because they can't be on their own anymore. Whatever the reason for having a full house, this is a day to look at the benefits and find any humor you can in the me, it will help everyone's survival.

National Career Nursing Assistants Day - This is a day to celebrate nursing assistants who work so hard taking care of the sick, the elderly and the people needing long term care for a variety of reasons in nursing homes and care centers.

National Jerky Day – This is the third annual celebration of Jerky. This is a very popular snack that is high in protein, low in fat, calories and carbs with the added benefit being that it lasts forever. Well, maybe not literally forever, I wouldn't test that theory if I were you. But it lasts a long time. The practice of drying meats dates back to the Native Americans who didn't cart refrigerators around to keep their meat cold, so this was their primary way of preserving food.

To celebrate today, take some peanut butter cookies to a hospital, doctor’s office or nursing home where you can share it with the nurses.  Then return to your crowded nest to feed everyone jerky while you give your significant other/spouse, whom you love, a beautiful red rose.

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