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June 30, 2014

Today we celebrate:

Please Take My Children To Work Day – Celebrated on the last Monday in June, this is a day to recognize stay-at-home mothers and the very difficult job they have every day doing pretty much every job there is. On this day, stay-at-home moms can kick back, relax a little and laugh at themselves.

National Meteor Day – Keep your eyes open for meteors tonight. You never know when you're going to see one. Sometimes astronomers can give us a heads up when we will get a meteor shower, but even if there is no shower expected, you could still see a stray meteor.

Descendants Day – This is a day to research your family tree to see if you are the descendant of someone (or a group of someones) important to history. Of course, everyone you are descended from is important to your personal history since you wouldn't be here if it were not for them.

Leap Second Time Adjustment Day – This is a day to make a one second adjustment to our time in order to stay close to the average solar time. Apparently our daily rotation is not exactly 24 hours but is a fraction of a second longer. Therefore, every now and then, at the end of June or December, we need to add a second to the clock so that we don't eventually have days when midnight comes sometime in the afternoon.  There apparently won’t be an adjustment this time, check back with me in December and I’ll let you know if you need to adjust your clock then..

NOW (National Organization for Women) – Founded on this day in 1966, by 28 women, this organization is about fighting for equality for women in all aspects of life.

To celebrate today, working spouses should take the kids to work today to give the stay at home spouses a vacation so they can lay outside in the sun and watch for meteors while they research their family tree and keep an eye on time.  Then tell the kids about NOW and how important it is to fight for equality in all things.

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