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June 22, 2014

It's an easy day to celebrate today, as long as you don't mind travelling to the Southern Hemisphere.

National Onion Rings Day - While I don’t understand the joy some people have in eating these since I’m not that fond of onions.  A little bit goes a long way for me.  However, I am in the minority in that regard in my household.  So if you enjoy this particular fried food, feel free to indulge today.

National Chocolate Eclair Day – This delicious treat has everything going for it, a sweet cream filling, a melt in your mouth pastry, and a heavenly chocolate topping. I'll have to get some for the family tonight.

Polar Bear Swim – This is a Southern Hemisphere day today. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates this day on January 1st usually, although I think some celebrate on December 21st, our winter solstice. On this day crazy people jump into the freezing cold water for reasons I cannot completely fathom. That's usually all this day entails because after all, it's too cold for a picnic.

To celebrate today, head for the Southern Hemisphere to jump in the freezing water before you warm up with onion rings and a chocolate eclair.

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