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June 2, 2014

I made a mistake yesterday and left out a very important day.  Normally when I make a mistake I just make a note of it and fix it for next year, but this one is too important to ignore.  So let's celebrate a day late:

National Cancer Survivors Day – Celebrated on the first Sunday in June, this is a day to show everyone that cancer is survivable. It was begun in 1988 by Merril Hastings at the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.  For those who have been diagnosed with cancer, it seems all consuming and it is difficult to look forward to a time when cancer is no longer the center of everything. But there is life after cancer for more and more people every year.  Many places in the country will have events today to celebrate the day. Check with your local hospital, or town clerk to find out more.

Now for the days that are to be celebrated today:

National Rocky Road Day – Chocolate, marshmallows and nuts all mixed up in a bar or a cookie or ice cream. I'm not a fan because I have never liked nuts in my desserts, but I can see the appeal to other dessert fans.

National Bubba Day – I couldn't find a really reliable source for this day. What I did find tells me that this is a day to salute all those who are known by the name (or nickname) “Bubba”. For example, Forrest Gump's friend, Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue.  If  you know several Bubbas, throw a party for them and call everyone “Bubba” for a day.

National Leave the Office Early Day – Celebrated on the first Monday in June, this is a day to combat workaholism. Today you are going to leave work early and actually enjoy the rest of your day. Do not spend all of your time and energies at work. There is life outside the office and you need to explore it today.

To celebrate today, leave work early to eat rocky road ice cream with all the Bubbas you know who have survived cancer.

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