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June 15, 2014

Today we celebrate a whole lot of things so I hope you don't have any other plans for today:

Native American Citizenship Day – On this day in 1924, the US Congress recognized the citizenship of Native Americans. Kind of ironic since they were here before the US Congress, but Congress needs to pass legislation before it actually does anything so there you have it. That is why it took so long.

National Lobster Day - Lobster lovers rejoice!  This is a day when eating lobster is mandatory!  There are lots of ways to cook them so pick your favorite and have at it.  The history of lobsters is very interesting.  Did you know that they were once considered “food for the poor”.  They were so easy to find that you could just walk to the coast and pick them up.  More fascinating information can be found here:

Trinity Sunday – This day is celebrated on the Sunday after Pentecost for Christians and is about celebrating the Holy Trinity, which is the belief (that I confess I don't completely understand even though I am Christian) that God and his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit are all one and the same and therefore all equal and cannot be divided.

Smile Power Day – This is a day to share the power of your smile with the world. Your smile has the power to brighten the lives of everyone who sees it. Your smile will encourage others to smile which will have a cascade effect causing even more people to smile. Smiles have been known to save lives as some who might have caused harm to themselves have received an unexpected smile that encouraged them that someone really does care. Share yours with everyone you meet today.

Nature Photography Day – This day has been celebrated for 9 years now. This day is sponsored by the North American Nature Photography Association. The NANPA encourages people all over the continent to take pictures of nature today and share them with the world. Get out there into the nature that is available to you no matter where you live. Explore, and take plenty of pictures. Here's one to get you started. This is a picture that my daughter took in our yard.

National Day Of Prayer For Law Enforcement Officers – This day was begun by the Wives Behind The Badge organization. They are asking that everyone, regardless of your religion or personal beliefs, take some time today to pray for the families of fallen law enforcement officers and for those law enforcement officers who are still risking their lives to protect all of us. We need to show our officers appreciation and support instead of giving them grief for doing their jobs.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – This is a day to make people aware of how vulnerable the older generation can be. Many times they are as helpless as children and at the mercy of sometimes not so merciful caregivers. Elderly people can be abused physically, emotionally and financially. Check on your elderly relatives and neighbors often so you will be more likely to recognize the signs if they are being abused.

Worldwide Day of Giving – Begun four years ago by Reed Sandridge who began a year of giving on December 15, 2009. This was started as an exploration into the act of giving and what that would mean to him. To participate today, choose one of these three activities: volunteer with any organization, give a stranger ten dollars, or donate ten dollars. If you chose to donate ten dollars, there are many worthwhile organizations you can donate to, but be careful you donate to a legitimate organization that you know well and can be sure it will use your money wisely. Do not donate to a brand new, untested organization because there are a lot of scam artists out there.

Father's Day – Celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, this is a day to celebrate the fathers in your life. There is speculation that this day began after a mining accident in Monongah, West Virginia in 1907 when a large group of men, many of whom were fathers, were killed. Much like Mother's Day, this is a day to spend time with your father if you can, give cards or gifts or do something with your father that he enjoys.

Family Awareness Day – Celebrated on the third Sunday in June, this is a day that goes well with Father's Day as you are to reflect on the important role fathers play in our American families.

Husband Caregiver Day – Also going well with Father's Day, this is a day to honor husbands who become caregivers for their wives or children for a wide variety of reasons. This brings the meaning of love to a whole new level.

Global Wind Day – This is a day that is celebrated worldwide for the purpose of promoting the use of wind as a power source. Work to encourage the leaders of the world to utilize more wind power, especially in areas where the wind always blows, and have less emphasis on non-renewable power sources.

To celebrate today, pledge to smile at everyone you meet today and put ten dollars in your pocket and be watchful for a needy stranger person to give it to while you are out taking nature pictures.  See if you can find a Native American to include in the pictures.  Then go with your family to take all the fathers you know out to Church to learn about the Holy Trinity and then to lunch to celebrate Father’s Day.  While you are eating your lobster, talk to the older members of your group about elder abuse and make sure they are safe.  Make sure you buy an extra dessert for the father’s who are caregivers to incapacitated wives or children. Tonight, before you go to bed, say a prayer for the protection of the law enforcement officers and look into the pros and cons of wind power.

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