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June 13, 2014

Are you as klutzy as I am in the kitchen?  If so, this is a day for you!

National Weed Your Garden Day - This is a day to check on your garden, whether it’s a vegetable garden, herb garden or flower garden, and pull up those weeds that are trying so hard to choke out the things that you want to grow there.

Blame Someone Else Day – This day falls on the first Friday the 13th of the year. Whatever you do wrong today, whether you say something politically incorrect, insult someone, trip, dial the wrong number, or something equally horrifying, you can blame somebody else and get away with it. Unless you've broken the law. Then, I'm afraid, you're on your own.

Banana Split Days – According to Wilmington, Ohio, Ernest Hazard invented the banana split in 1907 when the winter was very bad so business in his restaurant, named Hazards, was very slow.  He decided to boost business by creating a new and totally unique dish.  He got all of his employees to participate but he won the contest himself.  They hold a banana split festival every year on a Friday and Saturday in June celebrating this delicious combination of tastes.  Latrobe, Pennsylvania contends that the banana split was invented there instead by someone else and they celebrate that event in August.  It has been a major bone of contention between the two cities which are only 300 miles apart.

Kitchen Klutzes of America Day – I am a kitchen klutz sometimes. Just ask my daughter who witnessed me adding too much yeast to a bread I was making, spraying the sparkling water that was to go in the bread all over the kitchen, dropping the paper towel holder in my rush to clean up the mess, and then allowing the bread to rise too much, spilling over and making yet another horrible mess all over the inside of my stove. And that was all in one day and one bread making project which I am usually very good at. When I make a mess, I make a big one. If you are having a day like this, try cooking only what you absolutely have to cook and make it as simple as possible.

Work @ Home Father's Day – On the Friday before Father's Day, we celebrate fathers who have chosen to work at home. This isn't possible for all father's, of course, but for those who can and do, their presence at home improves family interactions and can greatly improve their professional satisfaction.

Sewing Machine Day – Thomas Saint was issued the first patent for a complete sewing machine in 1790, but no one knows if Saint actually built a working machine because a later reproduction based on his patent drawing did not work. Several men in the early 1800's made attempts and some received patents, but all of their inventions failed and were forgotten. Finally, in 1830, the first functional sewing machine was invented by Bathelemy Thimonnier in France. The invention enraged French tailors who burned down his factory and nearly killed him because they feared his invention would put them out of work. They were a little hotheaded in France during that time period coming so close on the heels of the French Revolution. Isaac Singer in the 1850's built the first commercially successful sewing machine although there was plenty of drama involved with lawsuits and patent infringement and such. Who knew sewing machines were such a hot topic?

To celebrate today, work at home for the day.  When you’re done with work, use your sewing machine to make a tablecloth that you can use on the table to eat the banana split you will make next.  Don’t worry about making a klutzy mess, feel free to blame someone else for it.

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